True Power

True Power

Friday, October 26, 2007

A rose by any other name...

I do not know the name of most of my many roses because I usually buy them and then name the rose after a favorite person that I know. I think that the pink rose is simplicity and the apricot colored rose is one of the two hybrid tea roses that I own. I love apricot roses. Most of my roses are floribunda roses or grandifloras. I have one bed of roses for my three daughters and my four nieces. One of my nieces' name is Biancca and I have a white rose named after her since Biancca means "white." I will post more pictures of my roses in the spring. I have one grand nephew fathered by the only male offspring in the family. I created an apricot and orange rose bed for them. At the moment it consists of three roses.
I have a special request. I ran across a marvelous purple rose with a beautiful yellow center. I stopped and asked the lady in the house next to where the rose was growing for cuttings twice and I could not get the plant to root. I will try to contact the owner of the plot to see if I can purchase the rose from the empty lot. I think it blooms only once in the spring. It is a single petal flower. Do anyone out there have a clue to the name of this type of rose?
At one time in my life I had 112 roses in my yard. I think I will count them tomorrow to see how many I have now. A severe freeze killed many of the 112 roses in 1998 and I was so hurt by the lost that I never tried to accumulate them again in large numbers.
I just started trying to take pictures and hope to get better in the future. The roses pictured above are those that survived severe heat and drought. Today was cloudy after four days of steady rain. I have so many roses that I have given names, but it just came to my attention that I have never named a rose for myself. I have a new mission; to find a rose that reflects me. I just bought the magnificent "Double Delight" that is all the rage of the south. I found it in a pale pink color also and hope that it is as wonderful as it red counterpart. Hope to hear from some rose lovers and some suggestions for my namesake rose. A rose named Dorothy will still be just as sweet.


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