True Power

True Power

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birth Order Part 3


The youngest children of the family are typically the outgoing charmers, the personable manipulators. They are also affectionate, uncomplicated, and sometimes a little absentminded. Their approach to life is to get laughs, smiles, and shakes of the head. A typical characteristic of the last born is that they are more carefree, vivacious. They are a real 'people person' who is usually popular in spite of or because of their clownining antics.

Last borns carry the curse of not being taken very seriously by their families or by the world at large. The last born has a burning desire to make an important contribution to the world.


1. Accept responsibility for yourself, grow up.
2. Many last borns are messy and need to learn how to pick up after themselves.
3. Although last borns are people persons, they sometimes struggle with self-centeredness and need to offer to help others, follow through with the help and to do it without fanfare.
4. Beware of being too independent. Work on admitting your faults and don't blame others for your situation when you know you're the one who really caused it.
5. Always be aware of your gift to be funny, charming, and persuasive.
6. If you love the limelight, be advised that other people like a little of it for themselves now and then.
7. Before marriage, try dating other first borns, you may find them the most compatible.

By the time the last child arrives, mom and dad are not that easy to impress. They have had all of the firsts before such as the first crawl, the first tooth, the first steps and probably wonder why it is taking the last born so long to get all of the firsts over with. Even toilet training becomes a rush job.

The baby of the family knows they are behind the others in all activities and functions. So the only thing to do about it is to laugh or make others laugh.

When my last child was born I admit I was in a hurry for her to hold her own bottle, to learn to walk and watch t.v. more on her own. My last child happened to be the most demanding child and took her time in all things. But, when she is in a room there is electric sunshine. She is the most social of all of my children and she does get away with so much. She wore makeup before she was sixteen--a rule all the other girls had to go through. A smile from her changes things.

I myself, have been accused of hoarding the spotlight. It is not something that I try to do, but I guess it is something that I do--do. I consider myself spoiled and would not have it any other way. Not spoiled by my parents but by my husband.

As a young girl I set my wedding date in November. My birthday is in October, November would be my anniversary, then Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's Day---Presents for me non-stop. Guess what? My anniversary is in November.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the characteristics of the birth order. If you want to read more on the topic check out "The Birth Order Book" by Dr. Kevin Leman who is a proud last born child. The book also tells about how birth order affects marriages.


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