True Power

True Power

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Foot In Mouth Disease replaced by..?? PHALANGES CYBERCITIS

After meeting a nice young lady at a newly established club, I wanted to make sure I established some kind of friendly contact with her as I had with other members on a one on one basis. At the third meeting I made it a point to go up to her after the meeting was over and ask "When is your baby due?"

She quickly informed me she was not pregnant. Her baby just turned 5 months old the other stay and she has been struggling to lose her pregnancy weight.

My only recovery was to tell her, she was rushing her body to spring back into shape too quickly. Give it a little more time. "Are you breast feeding? There's your problem. Women who breast feed drop pregnancy weight faster. Don't use those mothers as models."

She smiled and felt better, but I felt like crap. Relaying the episode to one of my daughters, she began to cringe at the "Are you pregnant?" part knowing the rest of the story before I finished. I told her "Hey! No fair! You act like I do this type of thing all of the time. This was my first time." Not really true. But in the 45 years I have been on earth, I believe it is only my fourth time. Pretty good record in my eyes.

Everyone is familiar with the joke: Open mouth - insert foot. It is almost avoidable if you walk, talk, and breathe on this earth; sooner or later you will put your foot in your mouth.

The only good thing about these moments is they are seen or overheard on a small scale and would pass and be forgotten in time. Now enter the computer age.

The advancement of facebook and other online chat opportunities give us an opportunity to make mistake after mistake on a global scale for all of eternity to read and witness. With just one finger and the push of one button we open our mouths and insert the universe.

We make dramatic statements to have them come back to bite us years later. Republican Congressman Christopher Lee just resigned due to posting inappropriate half nude pictures of himself on Craig's List to a woman. He is a married man with a family and told the woman on Craig's List he was a 39 year old single lobbyist. This coupled with the fact he posted an article encouraging parents to be mindful of the sites online that their children visit, made for an embarrassing moment of hypocrisy. IS THIS AN OPEN MOUTH INSERT FOOT MOMENT? No. It goes beyond just the embarrassing misstep or wrong assumption, but he did open his mouth and insert his own body part to fill the gaping hole.

I have a facebook account and I think about my posts. I wonder do I want what I am about to type to have a life well after I am dead, because cyberspace makes that possible. I try not to speak on things I do not know or make comments off of the cuff when one of my emotions is sparked. But just with the pregnancy fiasco, my time will come.

The internet makes us feel larger than life, able to dance with scholars, artists, professionals, and the everyday man in words of wit, academia, and common sense. When we get it right it is good. People all over the world agree with us and tell us how smart we are. On the other hand, when we get it wrong, thousands descend to tell us we should not be allowed out in a free society with our opinions and comments.

So, today and everyday, there will be someone with foot in mouth disease. The population, I guess, should be on the lookout for the pandemic: Phalanges Cybercitis.

One finger; one button and we join the ailing masses in which a successful vaccine has not yet been found for our syndrome of having to add our two cents worth on things we just should not be involved in. There is a Pulitzer Prize waiting for the person who can cure Phalanges Cybercitis


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