True Power

True Power

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Every day is a good day

Today I had to rescue my daughter from a downpour of rain. I stay with her two days out of the week to attend Seminary. I was at home relaxing on the couch (o.k. I was asleep) when I received a frantic call "Come get me!"

My reply was where are you and why do I need to come and get you? She was parked outside of her apartment complex, trapped in her car as the rain mercilessly pelted her car. She was without an umbrella. It was mom to the rescue. It is not often that I can swoop in and save my adult child, so I enjoyed the comedy of the non-tragic rescue. I like being a hero. I like that my daughter still calls on me even for the funnies of life.

I wish I could have rescued my plants and grass from the scorching sun of the south. I wish I could have rescued my plants in a enviromental friendly way from the attack of the armadillo that savagely rooted through my garden actuall up rooting two roses and several asiactic lilies.

Yes, even we gardeners with all of our super growing powers are not heroes at all times. But the times that we are heroes, like when I saved my beautiflul royal purple zinnia from the initial attack of the armadillo, I smile at the comedy of the fact that my garden still needs me.

Call me gardener. Call me hero.

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This Could Be Me At Your Next Event
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