True Power

True Power

Sunday, April 27, 2008

What a great weekend

What a great time I had at Hidden Secrets in Flora, Mississippi. The store is absolutely beautiful and is only surpassed in loveliness by the owner and residents of the city. I was surrounded by flower and life go-getters. The refreshments were delish and the conversation, stimulating. If you are ever in Flora, stop by Hidden Secrets and the local library; you will be glad that you did.

The middle left picture is Mrs. Betty Allen the librarian at Flora's Library. She is an avid gardener and shared her expertise. I could not have asked for a better hostess.
The picture to the bottom left is Mrs. Henrietta, librarian at Beverly J. Brown Library in Byram, Mississippi. She is a friendly burst of sunshine that you must meet. The library is a welcoming enviroment for all. The loyal patrons of the libray were a joy to spend the morning with. Mrs. Henrietta surprised me and presented me with a blooming vine that I have not seen before. You know that I am more than excited to see how well the plant does and how well I do with the plant. Be on the look out for a close up shot of my gift.
I can not express my gratitute to my two hostesses for the weekend. I enjoy meeting nice people and that will never grow old with me. I was happy to know that the community of Byram care about their youth and encourages them to read and excell. I look forward to visiting two new found gems of the south; Flora and Byram again. Stop by and tell the ladies hi one day.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My garden begins

This is just a peek at the plants peeking at me.

The above is my Chinese rose of many colors.

My garden is only 1/3 if that begun.

Below is an ugly embankment that faces my front door. I plan to put a fishing lake there (one day).

The wisteria was a brilliant purple that my camera failed to capture.

The beauty that is yet to come plays the illusive dance of spring. Plants peep and test the water with a petal to make sure old man winter/frost has left the building. I wish that I could be more reasuring to the cautious child of spring 08, but I, myself have to check to see if today is a coat day or a no sleeves day.

Oh, but the joy of newness and all of the trials of growing that is faced by us all. Be bold, be couragous, and dare to grow. There may still be a danger of a sting of unpleasant cold/frost that may threaten to bite your tenderness. But oh, how far ahead of the game you will be, full of your glory and maturity, if you dare to live now in your time and your season.

Spring forth now. Push the dirt of life that protects and restrict all at once and make your presence known. Face the sun and shine. Someone waits for you, prays for you, and will never be the same once they have met you. A eye of hope searches for you, because if you are willing to continue the dance of life, maybe they can too.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forgive me please.

Well, it has been a while since I have posted. My computer crashed and I have to try and fix it.

What has been going on out there? I am actually feeling under the weather due to my allergies. My daughter was a survivor of the tornado that hit central MS. I had a scare for a while there.

There are so many things that I would like to say, but I must be wise. I pray diligently for my mouth and I wish that others did also. It is a major instrument of murder. I use my WEAPON to try and build up people when I can but I refuse to do the if you do not have anything nice to say thing. I chose honesty that helps and not hurt. I guess I have an automatic high powered long range weapon for a mouth. I affect people when I am not even trying.

I hope to affect many people during my seminar the last two days of April and the first day of May. My seminar is "Genesis: The timeless beginning." Pray for a good turn out I will post the seminar after I complete it. I hopeing for many people. I checked out Oprah and her new age message. She is the reason why Genesis is so relevant. People want to jump her for coming up with something new when the watchers of God's words must have abondoned ship. How can so many people be looking for something new if they had the best The Old Testament and the New Testament.

If you haven't noticed I am not quick to blame others without holding self accountable. Where have all of the upset Christians failed God? Something went wrong before Oprah.

My plants are blooming and I am giving a book presentation at a book store and at a church on Mother's day. Pray for me and drop me some pics or words of encouragement.

How mad are you today? Remember it is a choice, choose to find something in your day to make you happy after your initial moment of anger.

This Could Be Me At Your Next Event

This Could Be Me At Your Next Event
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