True Power

True Power

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

APOCALYPSE NOW? 2012 is drawing close

Yes, it is that time of the year; the New Year.

As with each new year, we ask ourselves: is this the year that the world will end? Apocalypse seems to be the word of choice for 2009. I myself have found myself checking out the history channel to make sure that I can identify the tell-tell signs of the end of the world.

I even googled "Predictions of 2012." One of my daughters said that she is just now getting her life together and it would be unfair for the world to end on her career. Whatever one may believe (by the way, I think that we are living in those imfamous last days) I hope that we all are reflecting on the life that we are living now and the life that we intend to live eternally.

I consider myself as a nice person, but we all know that it takes more than just 'niceness' to secure a place in eternity with our Creator. So, instead of sitting and sulking about the approach of 2012 which seems to be plagued with all kinds of bad stuff, I will thank God for today.

I will thank God for this flooding rain that we are having, because there is a promise of sun. I will thank God for these quivering stubborn pounds that I am on my 6th attempt to shed, because I have been told in Scripture that I am awesomely and wonderfully made. I will thank God for each of you who have stumbled onto my sporadic blog site, because you help me to strive to be more interesting and disciplined.

Enjoy the New Year
2009 will be the greatest year yet to be a child of God.

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This Could Be Me At Your Next Event
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