True Power

True Power

Friday, December 14, 2007

Season's Greetings

I'm a Christian that says Happy Holidays. Why? Because I am hoping that all of the days that the person enjoys around Christmas are happy.

We start Christmas now on October 31st and it seems so stupid to say Merry Christmas so early. The other reason that I find myself saying Happy Holidays is because in 80 degree weather it just does not seem like Christmas to me.

But the saddest thing is the thought that some Christian may jump me verbally or physically because I choose to say Happy Holidays. We must remember that Happy Holidays is not a slur to Jesus. If someone actually said something like Miserable Christmas or Horrible Holidays then we should say something.

If persecution by beheading and being quartered and being fed to lions did not stop the proclaimation of Jesus' birth, life and death, I don't think "Happy Holidays" will erase my Savior's birth.

This Could Be Me At Your Next Event

This Could Be Me At Your Next Event
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4. The Politics Of Prayer: The Bible Speaks
5. African American Geneaology: Pride From The Grave

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