True Power

True Power

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rush Limbaugh's Rant

While sitting in class I heard a classmate's computer sound as though it was in a war with someone. The word said with venom was "Obama" The tenor of the voice was familiar and as I honed in on the speaker I identified the voice as belonging to Rush, an old friend of mine.

I heard all kinds of "Marxism, Depression, More Government, big government" I was beginning to become afraid. Then I remembered it was Rush. In the large classroom that contained the male student and me, I felt threatened. Rush's tone was evoking immediate action to anger and I felt like either I should be angry or I should be afraid of the anger. I had to choose because this booming male voice required a response. I remembered it was Rush.

He is paid by stirring up people. He is an agitator. His motto is "Scream at people and they will do what you say and think as you do." This is abuse and only women seem to recognize it for what it is. Other men bond with this fight/anger mentallity to get people to be on your side. It works on the school yard.

Is Rush a fear-monger? Yes. Does he rile the masses to violent thoughts? I believe so. Was I afraid for Obama and fearful of being black? Yes. Is this what this election season will be about? Yes. Should we all be afraid? Yes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What the Devil!

If I haven't said it lately, I'll say it now. I am a Christian first, second, and last.

I have heard on many news programs whether God figures into a candidates choices and motivations. Christians are encouraged not to make any decisions in their public or private life without prayer and making sure that the decision is on line with What Would Jesus Do or what would God have me to do. So, Yes, Mrs Palin more than likely checks with God for major decisions. I must say that I am offended by people speaking sarcastically about this religious practice.

Speaking in tongues does not make Christians crazy, a little scary like the Scriptures says they would appear to others Yes, but not a psycho. Interpretation of Scripture has been a point of contention between denominations. Speaking in tongues does not send anyone to hell unless it is used as a measuring stick for salvation.

I disagree with Mrs. Palin on several things but I can not be on board for the attacks and snobbery pointed towards Christianity. I am saddened to hear and see how people use and try to manipulate Christianity for their own purposes. This should be the issue that affects Evangelicals the most: What kind of ambassador for God have we become?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Its a woman's world!

Since time began there has been male and female.

No argument there.

Since the beginning of time there has been stupidity.

No argument there.

Since the begining of time there has been war.

No argument there.

Since the beginning of time there has been a woman in charge.

Say What?

Since the beggining of time all that has been needed for evil to triumph is silence.

No argument there.

I don't care how pretty Palin is or how spunky she speaks. I care about the well-being of the masses even if the masses are insane. What is going on. People are not rational anymore. I don't care how you spin it, Mrs. Palin is a mistake. Hillary is in a whole 'nother league than Palin. She should have declined the nomination.

Since the beginning of time there has been pain.

No argument there.

There will be crying and gnashing of the teeth on November 5, 2008 no matter what happens.

No argument there.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Do you have a diva in the family?

I had to try to find out whether I was alone or not. i am the mother of two divas of varying degrees and I am totally over whelmed.

Both of my daughters totally hog the bathroom before leaving the house and while we are out, will look at themselves in anything that gives a reflection. Conversation completly stops if we pass by a reflective object. I have never seen two people so in love with themselves.

During the day the family members are quized on their looks: "how do I look with my hair like this? My make-up like this? My posture like this? the questions go on and on. It would be unbearable if they were not just as cute as buttons and have brains to match. But I fear that they are too ego-centric to get married.

I would love to join in on the preening but I am not as cute as they are in that youthful way. I am an aged beauty:)

All jokes aside, the divas are just as pretty inside as outside, but they do demand a lot of attention. How many mothers of divas are there of children that are not true divas themselves? They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree but I am so far from a diva until it is a laughing matter. Can I be a diva and not even recognize it? Can I be a demander of attention and admiration even though I hate those kinds of people.


Days of beauty

The garden is looking fair. I have moved five rose bushes to new locations. I tried to split a hardy hibiscus and replant it. It turned brown immediately even though I did have some root on the division. I divided three echineshia (incorrect spelling) plants and I hope that they will root. I scattered some of the seeds from the plants around my garden. I had my husband to cut down four large rose of sharon (white) standard trees that I thought I would love but the limbs tended to behave in a weeping fashion, which I did not like at all. Hummingbirds continue to visit my cypress vines which have invaded two different sections of my garden. My husband does not like it in the side section, but it is a nice pop of red going into the fall season. I have some stringy carnations in bloom. They are not worth the effort of cutting back all season. They are on their second blooming. I have small lizards and frogs throughout my yard. I was outside staking some beautiful purple asters and the mosquitoes had a field day with my legs. I have to have over 50 bites.
The ants are underneath my pavers in the yard that make pathways. The ants are pretty much all over and very aggressive. My kids could not find a safe place to stand in the sitting area. My angel trumpet has not bloomed this season and I am not sure what color it is. My pink oleander died back last winter but came back and has had some blooms but not as impresive as the first year that I planted it.
I will soon be stalking the garden center for bargains. I can hardly wait until October. I found some great deals in the fall of 2007 and hope to repeat the success. I have noticed a pretty vine with blue flowers on it that the birds had to have gifted me with. It is nice to find special deliveries in the garden. The weather continues to be rainy due to so many hurricanes barely missing my area.
I saw a show on PBS about the brain and its ability to maintain its sharpness as we age and one thing that helps to maintain brain function is taking time to smell the roses, rather to enjoy outdoor activities. I hope my gardening and the chalklenges are adding to my brain function.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eyes Wide Shut

Well today starts off my second year in seminary and I am excited. The effects of the hurricane (Gustav) are blowing through wetting me up. I am thankful not to have been witness or party to another Katrina episode.

I spoke to an old family friend that is many years my senior. The man knew me as a child and now he is way on up there in age. He informed me that he was not too pleased with the choices for presidential candidate on the democratic side and the republican side.

"I'm just gonna go in the voting both and pray and leave it up to God. That's all any of us can do." I nodded and agreed knowing how wise it is not to discuss politics too readily. "You know that Obama is a Muslim and the evangelist everywhere, I don't know how they all are coming up with it, but they all say that Obama is the forerunner to the Antichrist."

I know that my bottom jaw dropped open and that I batted my eyes slowly closed and open again to make sure that I was awake. Yes, my neighbor is white. It never ceases to amaze me what people will say to me.

"Wouldn't that be something for the first black president to be the Antichrist. I guess even God hates blacks." was my response. He just nodded and agreed knowing that it is not wise to disagree with the consensus. "

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