True Power

True Power

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh, what a beautiful morning.

Today is such a beautiful day. I walked outside and immediately began to thank the Lord for creating such a gorgeous day for me. So many people kidnap God and does not share Him, but not me. I thanked Him for letting other people saints and sinners sharing in this lovely day.

I have met people that say God is going to "get" others on their behalf (a hurt feeling, or presumed slight, or an outright injustice). But the God that created this beautiful day for me, also wanted those same people that slight others known and unknown to enjoy life. Some people become so bitter at life and in life that they forget that God wants everyone to have the best, and He hangs in there just like I do as my children grow and learn and make mistakes.

During this historical presidential election, there are a lot of different people praying to their own personal God to do extraordinary things on their behalf. But we are being selfish and forgetting that God belongs to more than just us, even when it comes to politics. Share God and believe that he wants the best for saints and sinners. He is not a weapon weilded at the world. Let God be God and humans be humans and I bet things will be the best for us all.

Today I shared God and allowed others to be part of the day that He created for me. I felt pretty good. What is the old cliche, let go and let God.

This Could Be Me At Your Next Event

This Could Be Me At Your Next Event
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