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Friday, July 27, 2012

Salem Witch Trial/Hunt of 2012 Uses Labels Once Again

The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts, between February 1692 and May 1693

The episode is one of the most notorious cases of mass hysteria, and has been used in political rhetoric and popular literature as a vivid cautionary tale about the dangers of isolationism, religious extremism, false accusations and lapses in due process. It was not unique, being an American example of the much larger phenomenon of witch trials in the Early Modern period, but many have considered the lasting impressions from the trials to have been highly influential in subsequent American history.

Men and women in Salem believed that all the misfortunes were attributed to the work of the devil; when things like infant death, crop failures or friction among the congregation occurred, the supernatural was blamed. Because of the unusual size of the outbreak of witchcraft accusations, various aspects of the historical context of this episode have been considered as specific contributing factors.

Conservative radio host use this same strategy to create mass hysteria about President Obama, abortion, and liberals in general. When ever something bad occurs such as gas prices going up, the conservative groups tell people it is because of the President which is false. Natural disasters like the earthquake in Virginia was linked to Obama. Almost any bad event begins and ends with Obama being the president of America. Instead of screaming WITCH; they use such words as Communist, Socialist, and the most offensive FOOD STAMP president; better known as Dog-whistles.

Dog-whistle politics, also known as the use of code words, is a type of political campaigning or speechmaking which employs coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has a different or more specific meaning for a targeted subgroup of the audience

During the Salem Witch Trials, fear and ignorance caused the death of many innocent people and it is well known the killings were cloaked in religion and political concerns. One person's accusation spread like wildfire to others who were too afraid or too weak to stand up for sanity and common sense in the face of powerful people.

Remember a test was given to prove that a person was not a witch. A test in which the accused would lose even if they won. A witch would float in water and a non witch would not float but drown. Dumb - right?

Today's test is a Christianity test. You must prove to millions of people's satisfaction that you are a Christian and believe in God. And no matter how many times President Obama says God Bless America; he is not seen as a Christian. He is portrayed as foreign -different, evil and if we were back in the day, he would be called a Witch, I am sure.

Daily, non stop, American Family radio digs and digs and digs after the president telling the audience we are on the brink of destruction by the power and might of one man. Any other African American man would receive the message loud and clear: 'you will be on trial on the level of mass hysteria seen during the Salem Witch Trials.'

It only takes a a handful of people tossing out negativity or let's be real a ball faced LIE to stir up a group of people who want to be stirred up. In wanting to get rid of EVIL the people themselves became/become EVIL.

Why the need for negative labels?

The Native Americans were labeled as savages. It's the process of dehumanization that makes killing them easier. You see it in any war, the Krowts and Nips in WWII, the Gooks in Viet Nam, The Dune Coons, Sand Niggers, Rag Heads, Mullahs, etc,. It makes it easier for the troops to kill more effectively if they see their enemy as less human than themselves.

In this Cultural War, dehumanizing the president makes it easier for racism to to remain under the radar and even the war on women to continue while the perpetrators believe they are ridding the world of evil.

We have read or seen what happens when powerful, affluent, self righteous, people feel threatened with the lose of power; they become ruthless and evil themselves in the process.


My MoJo Online Submission in Issue 11



By Dorothy Guyton

I think it was four-no five years ago I went to visit an elderly friend. Oh, that’s not a good description of this lady whose eyes and ears have seen and heard more things than most young minds could contain. She was a lady, but was never ashamed of the hard labor she did with her dark palmed hands. These were hands that picked astonishing amounts of cotton and the same hands that slipped bail money in coffins from up North to Mississippi during Jim Crow for those imprisoned under made up charges with high set bail. Now, you get it. Now you know I was visiting a fountain of courage and wisdom who spoke in a paced, low alto, authoritative voice.

“Yes, Dorothy I would have loved to have more children, but I couldn’t. The doctor told me when I was in my thirties I needed to have a hysterectomy, but my husband told the doctor no.”

Stunned for a moment, knowing I just misunderstood what had just been said; I asked the woman who spoke like spun silk to repeat what she just said. With a smile at my naive youth her skin color perked up and began to flush with undertones of renewed blood flow.

“Oh, yes Door-ah-they (I loved how she purred my name), a woman had to get her husband’s permission to have a hysterectomy back then even if her health was in jeopardy like mine’s was. It wasn’t until we divorced that I had the surgery. I think I suffer now for waiting so long.”

I left her presence haunted by the thought. I drove home swiftly with a new idea for a book swirling in my head aching to be released and jotted down on paper. I had grand plans for a four part novelette.

It would begin with a slave woman and progress to the 1950’s, to 2009, and end in the year 2065, all dealing with the same core issue with different women linked to each other one way or another. Aunt Addie was used to produce babies for her Master to sell. Her children all went for high prices and each had an identifiable birthmark on them somewhere that looked like a star. Her prized off springs began to be known as a ‘Star Child’ and every slave owner wanted one. This was fine with Addie until she became pregnant by the love of her life who promised not to sell their love child, the Master’s son.

Of course the child was sold, love was lost, and it turned out she would never have another ‘Star Child.’ Years go by and the new Master (her old love) purchases a beautiful young girl who worked hard and now was the one counted on to birth the money children. When it comes time for the baby to be born old Aunt Addie was the midwife. The young girl pushed and pushed and then Aunt Addie saw it; the birthmark on the inside of the new young girl’s thigh in the shape of a star.

I can’t tell you the entire story, but not to be able to recognize or ever raise one of your children had to hit Old Aunt Addie hard. What had to hit even harder was that more ‘Star’ children were being birthed for market; with no say in the matter. Great little story of a past era we strive to leave in the past and move towards our future.

My, how time flies. The title of the book is going to be I Never Thought I’d See the Day. But, I have lived to see the day. I live in a world where there is a debate whether a woman can have contraceptives, safe abortions, a place for breast exams, and procedures in a hospital that would save her life, but not if it endangered the unborn child’s life.

Men are debating women’s issues without even asking for a woman’s advice. What a difference four or five years can make. I did not believe I would see a day, a time like this. My fictitious character, Aunt Addie, did not have any control or choice of her reproduction wishes; her own body. “How far have we come as women—or is the question —where are we headed as women?”

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I would love to hear what you think about my piece and as always, thanks to MoJo for allowing me to express my thoughts in words in their magazine.

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