True Power

True Power

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gone but not forgotten

Hello all,

I have been busy studying and writing. I completed another novel "When Will Eve Be Forgiven?" and searching for an agent. I am also losing weight. This time with some success. I have many pics to share of my garden but not today.

I am working on my next book already "When Does 'No' Mean 'No' in a Christian Marriage?" I deal with a lot of issues in regards to women. One may think that I am a feminist, but I am not a feminist in the true sense of the definition. I am a true advocate of all humans to be treated as God intended.
My vacation this year was fast and furious. I use to enjoy the airports. It use to be so many interesting characters in the terminals. I loved people watching. The businessman, the Texan, the working woman, etc. The Airport is so bland now. There is no class distinction by clothing. Everyone wore sad looking casual clothing. There was no flash and dash like before. I could not tell the upper class from the middle or lower class. I was dissappointed. Where are the jetsetters?
I found myself not being wary of the pick pocket or everyday con artist that use to lurk around in the 80's. That is an era gone by. Flying is safe and sterile. I was happy though, since it was my childrens first time flying. The sense of security was comforting and that is more important than my mid-life thrill seeking.
Anyway, hope to be freed up to blog more often.
Are there any non-feminist Christian women writers out there? I am disappointed in what is available for our future Christian women to read and shape their lives.
Let me know of some good authors that deal with serious women issues of importance not how to have peace or how to gain wealth.

This Could Be Me At Your Next Event

This Could Be Me At Your Next Event
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4. The Politics Of Prayer: The Bible Speaks
5. African American Geneaology: Pride From The Grave

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