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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Review: First Time Novelist Tackles Bullying

One thing a writer learns is to have a great plot with unforgettable characters, have no grammatical errors, have at least 3 disasters, and have a basic plot of transformation, maturation and discovery.

One thing becomes perfectly clear in this memoir-esque book Her World of Darkness and Pain, Bullying and Self-Esteem, by Laketta Lowery, bullying is REAL and it has LASTING affects and the above mentioned rules do not apply when reliving and writing about a subject without any rhyme or reason.

No plot needed. This is the real world of many children told by an author through the memories and coping skills of a bullied child from day one: first grade through to finally surviving to the eleventh and twelfth grade where the clouds of suffering begin to dissipate.

Within the 214 page book, the reader enters the mind of a person being bullied. The reader becomes the confessional for the thoughts, anxiety, shame, and suicidal contemplations of a child just wanting to live in the world promised to children filled with: safety, play, and love.

In her first literary attempt, author Laketta Lowery goes full force to shock and enlighten parents, teachers, and yes, even bullies to the SECRET world of those who are being bullied and how well this crime is hidden by the victim.

Parents will be amazed to know the length a child - possibly their own child - will go and may be going right now to protect the bullier and to hide their own feeling of pain and confusion while being assaulted daily verbally, emotionally, and possibly physically, but definitely psychologically.

                                            Beginning Excerpt From The Back Cover of the Book:

Does society recognize bullying as a serious issue that children and teenagers deal with every day? Do they understand the long-term negative effects bullying can have on a person's life.........

To read the complete book go to where the book is available at
and you can connect with her and help get the word out against bullying on facebook:!/pages/The-Bullying-Challenge/260277434017918

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