True Power

True Power

Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is a lot of work!

I am tired already! I am working on a statewide campaign to get Mississippians interested in reading. I am so tired of MS coming in the bottom of every survey taken. Do anyone else feel for MS? I know that there are some literate people in MS. Man, I know of three authors right in my local community.

We are considered friendly people where I live. Well. I guess I'll find that out first hand as I try to get my community and state involved in reading. I have asked several libraries to help me and several librarians have responded. I hope that southern hospitality is for residents of the state. But, as always, when you try to get off of your butt and do something positive, people ask you "Just what do you think you are doing?' My MS is different! I''m going to pull this thing off one way or another.

As Samantha would say in "Diary of A Wannabe Gardener," People are like flowers and flowers are like people. I guess I am going to be like Wisteria and creep and wrap myself around everyone I can to pull off my "Get Caught Reading" campaign and hope to work with some wonderful willing people. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Better yet, offer me some help and support. I know there is a good deed in someone somewhere!

Dorothy G.


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