True Power

True Power

Monday, October 29, 2007

An ode to halloween

This my favorite time of year. I am a Christian and I am surprised with the stance of other Christians regarding halloween. There are so many other vices that are indulged in throughout the year that deals with pagan rituals and beliefs that have become so common place that the acts are not even noted. Household pets such as cats and dogs were domesticated in Egypt for their use in having direct contact to the god or goddess that the animal represented. The Pharoah would have the represetative figure (i.e. dog, cat, falcon, etc.) brought into his presence so that his requests were sure to be heard. IS THIS FACT OR FICTION? Can your innocently domesticated animal be a representative of a pagan god or goddess? Is it your intent that makes your association with the animal pagan or not? Check out the history of all that you do to make sure that you are not dabbling in unsavoury activity. As for me, I will continue to enjoy the laughs and boos of halloween. TRICK OR TREAT!!!????

I am so happy to have found what I was told a Mexican Petunia. I have admired this plant in other people's yards for two growing seasons and I found seven of them at a local nursery in Jackson, MS for $1.00 each. Talk about a blessing. I can't wait until next year to see them in action. ARE CARDS PAGAN TOO? I found them a wonderful tool to teach my little ones their number when I had little ones.

Oh halloween, the night of dread,
the favorite night of the dead.
I see your moon, its fullness shines,
The dogs are howling in the distance,
My heart beats faster in an instant.
The scary figures, shadows defines.
My feet go fast in a hasty retreat,
I hear the giggles of Trick or Treat.
Is this a game, a trick played on me?
I see no grave nor empty tomb,
But, I feel the presence of my doom.
I feel the anxiety of catastrophy.
Ghosts and goblins and withches ride,
I search ahead for a place to hide.
I run, I jump, to a bush that will do,
Imagine my surprise to find you hiding too.


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