True Power

True Power

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things that make me angry!!!!!!

If I was able to make a list of things that upset me it would be something like this:

1. FOX News: There is no spin because it is all mean, divisive, brainwashing, calculted fabrication and twisting of words and deeds. But, do I watch it religiously? You bet. It is like a car wreck, I just can't believe the destruction and injury right in front of me. It is shocking and sad at the same time. I also want to know what dangerous people are thinking and talking about. When the media can rouse people to do unethical things (vote to throw a particular party into a fighting frenzy) that is mind control and manipulation for a bad motive. What happen to people being decent just because.

2. People that think everything they say and do are right: I had someone ask me how I was going to vote and then they preceeded to act superior to me for their choice. IGNORANCE runs rampant during voting season. No one is that RIGHT all of the time.

3. Sexism: As a Christian woman, it has become apparent that any defense that I present in regards to women and religion is called Feminist Theology. Take some of this: I am a perfectly formed woman that God (not Satan) gave a functioning brain that enjoys the Bible, Salvation, etc., and I am not afraid to open my mouth and witness, preach, teach, counsel, anyone in need. That is that and I don't care how you label it. To be a Christian requires ACTION and oh, boy am I active!!!!

4. Mean/Hateful/Wounded Christians: The same advise that doctors are given should apply to Christians "Physician, heal thyself." You get the picture. There is no place in the love of Christianity for hateful, hypocritical Christians that are faking joy in the public realm and are a nightmare to their family and bosses. GET SOME JOY. Get in relationship WITH God!!!

5. My old self: I have spent a lot of years somehow focused on doing what was right and expected of me and not doing a thing that I wanted to do. Move over world. I am going for the absolutely crazy things that I want to do and you don't have to like it, agree with it, or approve it. Get all of the labels out and dust them off. I am on a mission to be ME and enjoy it. Look out for more books from me, public speaking, seminars, and my title as Professor.


Frances, said...

It sounds like you are a strong, opinionated woman, good for you!

Frances at Faire Garden

Benjamin said...

Ha. The older I get (I'm "only" 31) the more I feel like you--I'm gonna do my thing that I feel is right and meaningful and by golly enjoy it through and through. Life's short. No time to be the people in your list above. (easier said than done.)

Anonymous said...

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