True Power

True Power

Friday, August 22, 2008

A new me and a new you

Hello All!

Well I have been working out and in October I am going to weigh myself. I have been trying to lose weight since the end of June. I started at 206 pounds. My old clothes do not fit anymore, but I refuse to weigh until my birthday month.

How many times have you tried to lose weight in the past year? This is my third attempt. I have hung in there longer this time. My bustline was so big the beginning of the year until I could not find a bra at the local store. I hope to be able to post a slimmer me picture soon.

Now for the rest of the new me. I am running for an "office" in my county!!! Surprised me too. I am vying for the position of Election Commissioner. Sounds fancy doesn't it? Well, it is a position that lets me give back to my community in more than lip service.

I have not considered myself as a political person but I have always watched the news and kept up with the national going-ons. But, it is hard not to be a part of the process this election. THIS is history in the making.

I am sponsoring a essay contest for 9-12 graders from the county and city schools which is 3. The topic is "How have you seen democracy at work in the 21st century?" I look forward to reading the essays and will probably publish the top three entries on this web page.

Now the question is: are any of you out there in web land planning on being a "new you" in any kind of way? Lets get to talking on here! There is too much life happening for silence.

I saw a baby snake today when I went outside to exercise. He just froze up still when I walked by him initially. I gave him the space he claimed outdoors and went back inside and worked out on my treadmill.

No, I did not just jump subjects. My point is that sometimes on the way to a "new you" one may run into some scary critters or may get turned around. But no matter what in exercise and life we should continue to become an "improved" person sometimes trying something new for the mind and the body.


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