True Power

True Power

Friday, November 13, 2009

From Texas to Alabama

I love traveling and seeing the sites. I had the opportunity to visit Houston, Texas last week and Mobile, Alabama this week.

The first thing I looked for in the Texas airport (Bush International) was an authentic cowboy. To my dismay, I did not see one. WHERE HAVE ALL THE COWBOYS GONE? Has the stereotype for a Texan changed without my knowledge? My ears were perked up to hear a Texas accent which I also did not find.

To my delight I found some outstanding bar-b-que at a wonderful restaraunt named Pappa's. The earthy smoky flavor of their shredded beef sandwhich was to die for.

The second thing I looked for in Texas was dreads. There was not one person to cross my path with dreads. I saw french braids and not so nice wigs, but no dreads.

In Mobile, I found heavy heads filled with rope like wonders of various thickness. I also found the infamous southern accent. I was pleased to see natural hair being sported. The people that were actually sporting the dreads, boys. I saw one young lady, who dressed more like a boy, with dreads.

In both of our fair states that make up the union, I met curteous, helpful people. My stay was very pleasant to say the least. In Texas I met a very helpful gentleman who told me the lay of the land to help me sightsee. I have forgotten his name, but he was very nice.

I hope to travel more this year and meet and greet others with natural hair. I asked two young men in Springdale Mall (Alabama)to participate in my book project.

More to do and more to see. I continue to do research on numerous projects. I will be heading to Birmingham, Alabama next week. I hope to post some pictures of my escapades.


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