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True Power

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sherriet's Interview

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I received this interview from Lady Kinks Natural Hair Blog from Sherriet

When did you decide to go natural and why?

I actually went natural in 2003 but I reverted back in 2007 and have made a total transformation back to natural.

What was the intial reaction/responses of family, friends, co-workers?

My southern-born mother had a very tough time accepting my transition to natural in the beginning, especially the afro. She did not like the twist style I originally sported because there was no form (style) to it, but she loves the two strand twist nubian twist extensions I sport now because I wear a short/medium layered bob style, which makes all the difference. My siblings readily accepted the change back in 2003, even though I have a badd brother who is a hair stylist who can do flyy relaxer styles and cuts. My brother Tu-Tall made hairstyling an art. He is very gifted in hair, but I knew the detrimental effects of relaxing with chemical products. My mother transitioned from relaxed hair sometime in 2008 and currently uses Vigorol. I influenced my baby sister to try a natural hair style and she did but the final results (the hair was not the right texture for her facial features and complexion and it was a horrible mess). Thus, she immediately returned back to relaxers and has been its friend since...Her hair has thinned and shedded badly since that time and now she covers up with sewn in Euro weave--this breaks my heart. I believe if she tried my current hair stylist who is excellent in discussing natural hair care products and textures of hair, extensions, etc., she would be more willing to try going natural again. I believe my sister is frightened to try natural again. I have worked predominantly with white folk and they are somewhat quiet and raise eyebrows...My boss made a comment back in 2006 that I looked "scary." I allowed that comment to offend me to the point I returned back to relaxed hair, which I later regretted. A few co-workers will comment that they like the style but they are still suspect. I really do not care what my co-workers think about my hair because I am not my hair. The fact that I am a high producer and I am cordial to "them" and make them feel comfortable with me makes all the difference. A black woman with a natural hairstyle frightens "them."

Did you notice a confidence boost or other personality changes?

Yes, I am more confident.. I get a lot of friendly glances and stares by people of different races and ages. I feel beautiful. I am transitioning to a bohemian/gypsy look to represent my hairstyle.....natural, free flowing..and later on colorful (must add color in the spring/summer months).

What do you like or dislike about your hair?

It thins in one area on top of my head but, fortunately because I am wearing nubian twist extensions, it is hidden very well. My goal is to allow the twist to loc or wear 2-strand twists for a couple of years while my hair grows out and then all natural for real--no extensions, etc.

What is the response to your hair style now?

I have received a lot of compliments, especially from blacks--very few from white people--but I am naturally and soulfully me.

Check out Sherriet at her blog and let her know you enjoyed her story.


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