True Power

True Power

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dreads in the NFL

With the Super Bowl soon to be played out on the big screen, there is one thing that is for sure; THERE WILL BE DREADS ON THE FIELD.

It is amazing to see the dangling tendrels dashing across the fields. People almost watch to see if someone will grab the locks to bring a runner to the ground. Can you imagine the pain of having your hair yanked in an attempt to bring you down? I would go down in an instant. Yet, with this painful threat, men of the NFL continue to let their locks hang.

I don't exactly keep up with the pro football teams. I notice them on the t.v. as my family watches and I always stop to ohhh and ahhh at how long the dreads are. You can tell they are full and healthy from camera distance.

Dreads have added to the mystic of raw and confident; a force to be reaconed with. I wonder why these atheletes chose this hair style. Do they feel pwerful with their manes flapping in the wind? Are they channeling their ancestors, like the Ashanti Warrior who was known to be strong and proud and headed the resistance on the Amisted causing their captors to give them a trial and later set free to return to their homeland of Africa from America? Or is it just as simple of liking the hair style?

No matter the reason, they are a true force on the playing field.

Some of the atheletes include:
Mike McKenzie New Orleans Saints #34
Laurence Maroney New England Patriots #39
Marshawn Lynch Buffalo Bills #23
Langston Moore Detroit Lions #60
Devin Hester Chicago Bears #23
Josh Cribbs Cleaveland Browns #16
Bob Sanders Indianapolis Colts #21
Al Harris Green Bay Packers #31
Chris Brown Tennessee Titans #29
Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals #11
Since I do not have a clue as to who is who, I decided you would have to figure it out too.


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