True Power

True Power

Friday, January 1, 2010

Roses on my mind

Rhapsody in Blue shrub rose
Ebb Tide floribunda rose

On this first day of the new year 2010, my mind is on my flower garden and my love; the rose. Today I ordered the above pictured roses from Regan Nursery each costing $20.00. I have struggled to grow healthy plants protected from nut grass, I must say with failure. I never give up because that first spring flush of flowers is absolutely divine.

I am thinking about giving up my garden to neglect due to the fact that it is over run by large earthworms. I have a real fear of worms. My husband has been a doll for years hanging out in the garden with me as I scream and flee from the disturbed wriggling creature. It is ironic that the more worms in the soil the healthier it is. I don't know what I am going to do because I am a jittery mess when it comes time to plant a new choice plant I have fallen in love with at one of the numerous garden centers I visit.

I have a section of garden dedicated to the illusive purple color. I have a niece who is fond of the color purple so that section of my garden is named after her.

2009 saw my garden attacked by an evasive armidillo. He dug and dug uprooting many of my asiatic lilies in search of grubs. The deer pulled up pansies and snapdragons in late winter. And this fall they are eating bushes and everything else their hearts desire. I have a host of birds feeding on seeds. I am surrounded by nature and I find it fascinating each day.

Check out some of my ealiest post which are pictures of my garden. I look forward to the flower catalogs arriving. I check the mail daily. I hope to post some pics from my 2010 garden.

Enjoy nature, enjoy life


Victoria Hart said...

Your flowers are so gorgeous...I love purple.

Dorothy Guyton said...

I love the deep colored purple flowers. I spied a purple rose in someone's yard 3 years ago and stopped and knocked to ask the lady for some stem cuttings in a hope to be able to root the purple rose at my home.
The lady was enchanting. She was white and 92 years old. Did I mention she was actually outside in her back yard dusting ant hills with abt bait? It was such a joy to visit with her. she was active and welcoming and told me people had been stopping by her house for years to get cuttings from that same rose, which she did share with me.
She told me she was ready to die because she had buried her husband, her only daughter and her only grand daughter already and was ready to go whenever the Lord called her home. Her only problem was that she was so healthy.

Gardening has allowed me to meet some wonderful, friendly, and eccentric characters.

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