True Power

True Power

Saturday, April 3, 2010


If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are missing out. I just returned from the movie theater and I say "release the Kraken" every chance I get.

This was a wonderful remake of an old classic by Ray Harryhausen. If you liked the written story of Perseus, you will enjoy this movie. The special effects are smoothe and flawless. The action scenes are believeable and at times human blunder is allowed to sneak in during some of the fighting scenes. The Gods are regal and you will have no problem rooting for the heroes. The story line is simple--man versus the unbeatable beasts. There was only one curse word; a rarity in movies today. Me and my daughters whispered throughout the movie as usual and laughed at the appropriate times. HINT: The evil characters in the movie always whisper:)

Now, what will the religious sector have to say about the movie? Well, it was released during the Easter season. A time when Christians are thankful for a Savior. The lead character, Sam Worthington, is seen as a savior, who at the end comes from heaven (from an eclipsing sun) riding on a winged black stallion to save mankind from the wrath of Hedes (satan type).

Zeus declares often he created man and intended and gained power from them worshipping him. It is by his grace that humans are allowed to live. Zeus allows his brother, Hedes, to run rampant on the ungrateful creation doing evil to them.

There is no disguising the parallel to God and His creation. Hopefully, the religious community can view this movie for what it is--very entertaining. If there is any ire roused, the movie offers a opening to discuss the doctrine of Christianity and win converts and answer some unanswered questions by new Christians.

The movie offers a good moral understanding of good and evil. When man loses hope or faith in the God that they worship, Satan is increased by their doubt and uncertainty.

I took the parallel in the movie and compared it to the Christian belief I profess. I hope God is with me through all of my battles supplying me with the necessary tools for victory. To know He is present, looking on, concerned with my sucess as I go through insurmountable obstacles is a comforting thought the movie reminded me about. I can be victorious, accomplishing the extraordinary and yet not place myself in the position of God, but as a human created by God.

This is a movie I will purchase when it becomes available on DVD. I did not see it in 3D but my eyes and mouth were open with every well executed, suspenseful fight scene. Of course, I loved Medusa and enjoyed the snakes.


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