True Power

True Power

Friday, April 23, 2010

White Supremist Murdered in Jackson, MS

In our little capital in our little part of the world a life was taken. I'm sure their are those that would say he was a man of hate and racism and made a bed he is now lying in. But this would be an faulty conclusion.

If there is one thing I am repetitive about is the fact--none of us get what we deserve when it comes to judgement of our lives. Jesus died so that we would not get what we deserve but allowed us to have the gift of mercy and repentence.

God in His wisdom is the only true person to decide who lives and who dies.

Now, the news will focus on what impact the murder willhave on race relations. Their first assumption is obvious--someone probably killed him for his beliefs. We know that humans have a gang mentality for revenge and this murder could spark retaliations if it is a black person who kulled the supremist. At the time of my posting, I do not know the race of the murderer.

I am trying to coordinate a speaking engagement targeted at local pastors and the important role they play in their communities. In Jesus' ministry he said "Follow Me" and his disciples went with him learning by example with on the job training. Today's pastors need to do this and tell their congregation "Follow Me" and actually go out into their community serving others, living eating among others, being concerned and a part of what their community is doing instead of sitting passively in the church waiting for people to come. And once those people do come, they offer them a lifetime on a pew. This is why communities, schools, cities, states, and our nation is falling apart. There is no "Follow Me" going on.

Martin Luther King was the last great ministry. His ministry was in motion with many people following and receiving on the job training. The followers did what the leader did.

Look at any church or congregation and the sheep mimic the shepherd. If the pastor shouts and dances, the congregation shouts and dances. If the pastor is well read and enjoys studying the Bible, the congregation follows etc.

With masses of people in the church, the local pastor is very influential. If he does not care about the community, then the ears that he reaches each Sunday do not care about the community.

It is time to care. It is time to say "Follow Me."


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