True Power

True Power

Friday, June 18, 2010

Abortion and the Christian denial

many Christians object to a democratic president based on the fact "they kill babies." If I've said it once I've said it twice--women kill babies and yes, Christian women kill babies.

Of those withthe loudest voices it is the Christian male I have seen shed tears for aborted babies. Men in general lead the charge in regards to outlawing abortion. They seem to be warring against more than the secular masses. If we are a Christian nation as we believe, then why do so many Christians have such small families? We know it is against God's will for the wife to with hold her body sexually from her husband, so where are the babies from God's command to be fruitful and multiply?

Many Christians explain that homosexual marriage is against the sanctity of marriage because the devil is trying to decrease the population through same-sex marriages. Well, Christians do not seem to be populating the earth either. There is somehow a two fold assault against reproduction. Consider the statistics below and start to question exactly "who is killing babies?"

It would be truly wonderful to live in a Christian nation that practiced what was preached, but this is not the case. Roman Catholic women have abortions at a significantly higher rate than Protestants. In 1996, about 57% of women who received legal abortions were white. The abortion rate was 55.5 per 100 live births for black women, 20.2 for white women, and 36 for women of other races.
In the Alan Guttmacher Institute it was reported in 2001 – July, 37.4% of all abortions are performed on Protestant women; 18% of all abortions are done on born-again Protestants. The survey goes on to say “born-again” believers constitute about 30% of the American adult population. The abortion index by religion during 1994-1995 was found to be: Protestants 0.69, followers of a non-Judeo-Christian religion 0.78, Catholics 1.01%, Jews 1.08, and persons who do not follow an organized religion 4.02. This information was prepared by Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, Storrs, CT, in 1995 from five Gallop polls. By these statistics alone, it is evident the limitation of conception is practiced by many Christians.

Continuing a 12-year decline, the U.S birth rate has dropped to the lowest level since national data has been available, according to statistics released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The birth rate among women of peak childbearing age has been declining. Birth rates for women in their 20’s and early 30’s were generally down while births to older mothers (35-44) were still on the rise. Rates were stable for women over 45.

In 2002, there were 4,019,280 births in the U.S., down slightly from 2001 (4, 025,933). More than one-third of all births were to unmarried women. WebMD reports there is now a new baby boom. The birth rate increased by 3% to 4.26 million between 2005 and 2006, the largest single-year increase since 1989 and the largest total number of births since 1961 which was one of the last years of the baby boom. Birth rates rose by 4% among women between the ages of 20 and 24, to 105 births per 1,000 and by 3% among those aged 40-44, to 9.4 births per 1,000. Families are now made up of more than one or two children; the ideal number of children per family seems to be three. The 1.6 million births among unmarried women represent an 8% increase over 2005 and is 20% higher than the recent low point for births in the group seen in 2002
Exerpt from "When Will Eve Be Forgiven?"


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