True Power

True Power

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vampire Fascination

From my manuscript "Death: Life's Annoying Neighbor)

There is no doubt we are fascinated with vampires. We flock to the movies and plunk down our cash to see a couple of hours of the pale sexy undead. They hold a certain mystery. They know what life is after death. We are drawn to them because in their life after death state, they are immune to the fear of pain and destruction. They are powerful and vibrant; able to live knowing they have no end. This can only be our dream. We must use caution in our vulnerable daily lives. We are powerless against natural forces. Watching the night roamers, we get to live out a fantasy. Vampires enjoy an existence after death; how seductive and alluring.

Long before Americans established themselves in America, people were being born and dying in other countries. As people immigrated to America, they bought a lot of their superstitions with them. America is a melting pot of superstitions. If one was truly serious about trying to extend their lives using handed down rituals and beliefs, there are enough of them to keep you busy until you can’t even think about dying.

Here are a few superstitions and beliefs related to death in the Philippines

1. If a black butterfly lingers around a person, it means that one of his relatives has just died.
2. No one should go out before the utensils used in eating have been washed and put away, otherwise a member of the family will die.
3. One must not organize teams of 3 or 13, otherwise one member will die.
4. Eating sour fruits at night will cause the early death of one’s parents.
5. At a funeral, not all members of the family should be allowed to look at the face of the dead person. If they do, he will visit them and all of them will die.
6. If a sick person on his way to the hospital meets a black cat, he will die.
7. If someone smells the odor of a candle when there is no candle burning, one of his relatives will die.
8. If one dreams that one of his teeth is being uprooted or pulled out, a member of his family will die.
9. If a person eats “malunggay” (leaves of a Philippine tree used as a vegetable) when one member of his family has just died, all the other members of the family will die.
10. During a wedding the one whose candle goes out first will be the first of the couple to die.
11. If one cuts his fingernails at night, a member of the family will die.
12. When a group of three have their picture taken, the one in the middle will die first.
13. If a cock crows in the afternoon, it means somebody will die.
14. If an owl is seen near the house of a sick person, that sick person is sure to die.
15. Pregnant women should not have their picture taken; otherwise, their babies will die.
16. While the mother is giving birth, every hole in the house should be covered, otherwise an evil spirit might come in and kill the baby.
17. When a pregnant woman wears a black dress, her baby will die.
18. If a person’s shadow appears to be without a head, that person will soon die.
19. Cleaning the backyard when the sun has already set and it is already dark causes death.
20. If two people from the same family get married within a year, one will die.
21. If you place a dead person with his feet pointing toward the rising sun, a relative will die


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