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True Power

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brainwashing Rant

Today, after listening to AFR (American Family Radio), I heard for the hundredth time a standard Christian view which irritates me to no end. The statement:

The reason this statement came up was due to a poll that was taken showing that people with college education tend to view President Obama more favorably and people with a highschool or lower education tended to not favor President Obama. The radio hosts stated this was not because those with a higher education were smarter than the other group, but that they had gone to college (any and all colleges) where the professors have secular/liberal beliefs. These professors then in turn have 4-6 years to indoctrinate the kids to think liberally like them. In essence, most people with higher education are brainwashed by secular society.


If I am not mistaken, most parents have 18 years to rear their child before they send them off to begin their life. How can 18 years of guidance be tossed to the wind so easily? How does a child, who clearly understands their family's values decide to throw them all away because a stranger has presented opposing (according to Christians)mores and concepts?

And really, are Christian parents actually suggesting that their kids are suceptable to every new person they encounter? If their children are so easily swayed then why do they let them go out into the world? They may be persuaded to do or be anything. It is almost as if Christian parents believe Christian children have a brain of mush and whatever they come into contact with they will believe it without questioning it or thinking about whether it is true or not. CAN YOUR CHILDREN THINK FOR THEMSELVES OR NOT? CAN THEY CHOOSE RIGHT FROM WRONG WITHOUT YOU TELLING THEM? It seems by the complaining that colleges brainwash Christian children, they can't. OR CAN THEY????

Story time.

My oldest daughter who is 26 and a professional has met and made friends with dozens of people of different ethnicities. One of her male friends, who declares he is a Christian, came to her one day and said: "Yesterday when we were in a group, I was going to make a remark about _________ (who was of Hindu descent), but I realized if I said something racist about her it would have more than likely offended you or at least made you think I would talk about you in the same way; so I did not say it" With that he walked away.

My daughter said something interesting. Her friend came from a rather elitest background. A family of well educated parents, grand parents and siblings. He went to the private academies and private colleges. His fish bowl was made up of like people. It was while persuing his career goals he had been exposed to other ethnicities on a consistent basis and thus befriending my daughter. This is the profound revelation my daughter came away with: as you branch out into life around people unlike you, you find that they are just like you and once you make friends with one person that is different than yourself, it begins to change your actions which in turn influences how you treat all people-across the board- that are different from your self. Your fishbowl gradually turns into a pond, lake, and finally an ocean.

So maybe, when Christian parents control the enviroment in which their kids are reared, limiting exposures to the bare minimum for recognition sake; they are presenting the ONLY thing the child can believe or adhere to. Once the Christian child has freedom of choice and exposure, then they recognize what they once was told was not exceptable did not attack, kill, mame, or hate them (remember most Christians say they are persecuted in the world and when this does not actually happen the child may start to believe their parents were not being completly truthful with them which causes bitterness on the kids part).

A person's religion has to be their own. I can not make or insist that my children be a Christian. They can go through the motions to satisfy me, but what good does that do me. It may make me look feel better, look better to my friends and the church but it has not accomplished anything for God. I never cracked the whip on my kids. I told them about God, talked about Christianity daily; but I always let them know they had free will to choose to be a Christian or not and the consequences of both. We discussed the Creation debate and that they were the one to decide which one they believed. I did not create an alternate reality for them because I wanted them to always be prepared and able to live in the world, like all of us have to do eventually.

I raised my kids with the full knowledge that God created them to have free will. As long as they were alive they could choose evil or good and that their life choices were between them and God.I could not be the overseer or salvation of their souls.

College is not for brainwashing. There is no torture room where they are stripping your child of all they once knew replacing it with satan's message. If it were so, no one would send their kids to college. STOP BLAMING COLLEGE. Face the real issue. You have always heard you cannot change people; only the way you react to them. Women have been forever warned don't get married and think you can change him. Change doesn't come easy as evidenced by the turmoil our country is going through. People change because they want to change.

It is like people believing the only way we could ever have a black president is because we are living in the end times or because he is the antiChrist, or at least his hand maiden. This is said over and over. Those who want to believe it believe it. Those who do not believe it has to be the end of the world for a black president to be elected don't. I have heard the one about college and the president enough to be brainwashed, but I am not.

This is the end of my rant. I know rants usually tick someone off in one way or another. But I wrote these things because I was ticked off. Misery loves company.

In the end if you believe colleges are brainwahing Christian children then prepare them for it. Don't send them out to be sheeps for the wolves. Talk with them about this concern. Talk to them about the entire college experience before they go and while they are in college. Believe it or not, there is more than you who can teach your child something for their betterment.

P.S. I have been to college and never stopped believing in God and the Creation account in Genesis or any other part of the Bible. Science is not an enemy of Christianity, nor Philosophy. Not being grounded in God with a personal relationship with Him is the enemy.


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