True Power

True Power

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Of course they are not twins. But they do share something that I know all can agree on: YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL COME OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS.

No matter what these two peole say, you just shake your head, drop your head so no one can see, and grin or try to hold back a smile or laugh. This unpredictability seems to endear them more and more to people. I know people are shaking their heads and saying "No real Christian will ever admit Joan Rivers is funny because she uses such foul language." Well, she is foul, but she is still funny. SORRY There are a lot of people in your family who are foul but are the family's favorite person. Hate the sin; not the sinner.

My dear Vice President has a mouth that can fix itself to say the most surprising things; that everyone has just come to know and expect of him. Why am I talking about Joe Biden and his infamous SLIPS? Notice where our vice president is while this tragedy is playing out in the United States: Afghanastan and Pakistan. I believe it is far better for him to be there than here, because he is apt to say anything.

One thing we do know about Joe Biden is that he takes his role of father very seriously and to have an innocent congresswoman and nine year old girl shot; Joe would have definitely been primed to let his loose lips fly.

Our dear Apostle Paul can be put into this unpredictable category. Peter chimed up that he would never be one of those to deny Jesus. Okay, big foot in mouth time. Peter jumped up with sword/knife in hand cutting off the ear of a man who had come to arrest Jesus. Peter was rebuked for his action publicly by Jesus and the man with the missing ear was restored. Peter was the brave one who jumped off of the boat to walk on the water to meet Jesus only to sink in fornt of all of his peers as his exuberance waned. But, this same impulsive person, Jesus would give the keys to the future church.

Oh Joan, Joe, and Peter; our lives would be so boring without you all. I admit you all are too much for my Christian constitution, but, if I am to be salt and light, then I guess you all are some kind of peppery spice and lightening.


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