True Power

True Power

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarah Palin Parade

What a way to start the New Year - with finger pointing. I am reminded of the Creation account in the book of Genesis. Eve pointed the finger at the snake and Adam reminded God that He gave him the woman that caused him to sin.

FINGER POINTING people have come up with the wise saying that when you point one finger at someone else there are four pointing back at yourself. Well, that is not quite right. Go ahead try it; I'll wait. There is actually three fingers pointing back at yourself, but the point is made.

Must we assign blame )other than the criminal)for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby? Well, it will probably make a lot of people feel better. A public wrong has been done and we must find and condemn all involved. I would feel better for the guilty parties to be aware of the harm they have caused. But, as in the Garden of Eden, no one wants to be responsible for wrong doings.

I never enjoy having to step up to the plate and have OTHERS tell me I have done wrong or made mistakes. It feels better if I admit it on my own. So can we count on those who are coupable to step up and admit to wrong doing? Doubt it. There are agendas that must be maintained.

Back to Sarah Palin. She has never been my cup of tea, but she has the right to her convictions like anyone else on earth, that is until they cause others to hurt others. We know you can be prosecuted for crimes if it can be proved you were involved in the planning of it whether you executed the crime or not. The public is trying to figure out how instrumental she was in the shooting in Nevada and I say GOOD LUCK.

People have had flunkies, people willing to do the dirty part for popular people as far back as time can go. She gave them cute names to make them seem less ominous like "momma grizzles" and "soccer moms" what an innocent club to be a part of. Even the "Tea Party" sounds quaint. But was there any doubt what these people fed off of - anger, rage, hostility as distorted faces cheered and chanted. There was always an essence of intimidation involved and the name calling showed the flunky mentality. Weak impotent men were mocked as to be told to get out of the way. OUT OF THE WAY OF WHAT? A movement that was intent on bettering the people?

I don't know. Sarah Palin is pretty - the cheerleader, pageant type that people just had to be friends with. I know children go through growth and development being defined by being friends with the cool group, but I thought adults grew out of that.

Maybe I am not seeing things clearly, but I never understood the phrase taking our government back. I did not know it had been taken. What hostile aggressor came on American soil and stole our government? I am an Army vet trained to identify an enemy of our country and I never saw the enemy that overthrew our government.

Okay, I've been beating around the bush, I think Sarah Palin has been reckless and rogue ever since she was introduced to the public arena. She found a niche and she milked it. She is now rich and powerful. She USED and MANIPULATED an economic crisis. While people were fearful they were encouraged to be more fearful. FEAR IS NOT BIBLICAL. The book of Revelation was written so Christians would not be fearful but be assurred they were not hopeless or helpless.

No where in the Bible was fear of government intended to be the activating force for Christians. Judas demanded revolt; Jesus commanded love.

SARAH PALIN I do not blame you for the senseless act of violence that occurred by the lone gunman. I do blame all of the people who allowed people seeking power and fortune to use them as instruments of social unrest forgetting that we are one of the greatest nations with a system of government that does not allow any single man or party to rise to a position of monarchy. We are great because we consciously safe guarded our nation from any one person leading the masses. Any one person, not democratically elected as the leader of the free nation, who begins speaking to the masses in such a way to incite "no retreat, reload" is the danger. Everyone knows what their power is and how to exercise it VOTE VOTE VOTE. No new system needed to be heard and to live.

So, as the days go on and people stop the hate speech we will regain our sanity.

another wise saying is "give people enough of rope and they will hang themselves" This is dead on. The next year on the way to the 2012 election will see a lot of political candidates hanging themselves. Judas hung himself in the end didn't he?


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