True Power

True Power

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women will not be silenced in religion

Whether history will report it or not, women have been an active part of Christianity. When their voices were being silenced in one arena, women found another forum to be heard.

Many women these days who are pro women in religion and religious freedom for women, believe they have to prove the femininity of God. This is an unnecessary step. To prove God loved women and held them in high regard, one does not have to affirm it by saying God is a woman. It is irrelevant whether God is male or female, the point is He created both sexes and allowed each to worship him freely. During the Great Judgement, the man will not stand before God waiting for judgement of his female counterpart. If this is the case, I would ensure my husband would have to answer for alot.

We are individuals created to worship individually and if we worship individually there is a chance we learn individually. If we each learn individually, then we each have a different teaching (same doctrine, maybe different approach). If women are allowed to teach children, and I guess some of them will be boys who grow to become men, we could MESS up the world in a big way. We would not have to wait to CORRUPT adults as some are afraid women will, we can CORRUPT from the crib if that was our intent and great flaw in being alive.

Wisdom has to be our guide in all we do. Remember when people were killed for believing the world was round and the Church led in the killing? Wisdom should have intervened and said; "Whether the world is round or flat, God is still in control."

Here is a little bit of the early history of women as they tried to find their way in religion taken from my book: When Will Eve Be Forgiven?

Ruth A. Tucker and Walter Liefeld proposed many women were drawn to the Gnostic religion due to their restricted roles within Christianity. In Gnosticism the female presence was prominent in its theology. Here is a Gnostic poem that speaks about woman in all of its dualism, Thunder: Perfect Mind found in Jerome, Adversus Jovinianum:
…I am the first and the last.
I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin.
I am the bride and the bridegroom,
And it is my husband who begot me.
I am knowledge and ignorance…
I am foolish and I am wise…
I am the one whom they call life [Eve]
And you have called Death…

In the developing fundamental years of Christianity, women were attracted to heretical religious movements such as Gnosticism, the Naasenens, and Montanism. The Gnostics practiced Gnosticism. Gnosticism was a religion of the second century promising salvation by means of a secret knowledge. Because it was a syncretistic religion, it incorporated elements from Christianity as well as various other religious practices.

The religion explained the existence of the world and the human condition through cosmogony that consisted of spiritual realities called “eons.” It is through one of these “eons,” by accident or deliberate intent out of malice, the physical world and the entrapped human soul were once part of the spiritual world. The physical world as we know it, according to this religion, is considered to be accidental due to the fact it has been separated from the spiritual world. The human’s soul depends upon trying to ascend back to the spiritual world it was once a part of. This purely spiritual realm is called the “plentitude” or pleroma. As the soul ascends, it must go through various celestial spheres.

In some of the Gnostic systems, the secret knowledge of the initiate was based on knowing the password allowing the soul to move through the various spheres. Because the Gnostics viewed the body and all other physical matter in the physical world as something evil, Christian Gnostics rejected the doctrine of “creation, incarnation, and the resurrection of the body.”

The Gnostics had a docetic view of Jesus’ resurrection. They believed Jesus was not real, or was made of a purely spiritual material, thus denying his humanity. Many people were attracted to Gnosticism due to its mysticism.


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