True Power

True Power

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Newt Ain't Cute

It seems the motto of the Republican Party has become: "Slap Some Jesus On It" and no matter what you say, no matter how incorrect, hypocritical, obscene, or malicious it is, it will be okay as long as you slap some Jesus on it.

So many politicians who champion family values end up having affairs. Many who crusade against homosexuality fall in the public spotlight for being homosexual themselves. They all seem to find a Godly cause to stand loudly behind because it is Christian and stumble on the issue to make a final statement of repentance to family and God and jump right back on the band wagon. Huckabee, a religious man, LIED about where the president grew up, pandering to a conservative audience. He issued a public statement saying he misspoke but never apologized for the heart of the comment; "the president must be watched because he does not have American values" Running for president is as American as one can get. God sees the heart and knows what it harbors. People will take away from this: Christians are liars. Shame on Huckabee and this public representation of Jesus.

Newt Gingrich is testing the waters to see if he has enough of interest from people before he actually throws his hat in the ring for president. He knew his past would be a hurdle he would have to overcome.

There is no need for me to tell you the details, because Newt is casting a spell over potential voters using God to erase memories of his atrocious acts of infidelity. While prosecuting one man for a sin, he himself was engaging in the same action. While saying one man's character was flawed and representative of what kind of leader they were, he indulged in the same behavior while declaring he stood for family values.

There is no need for you to sum up Newts past behaviors, choices, and hypocrisies; in life because he has slapped some Jesus on it and that is all that matters now. This would be true if Newt himself has not been questioning whether the president was a Christian. It seems God can forgive Newt's sins (several transgressions in marriage) but there is no way this same God can be the God of the president who the president himself says he serves as a Christian.

Many joke that God only belongs to the Republican Party. Democrats, to my surprise, demonstrated for the country at the public service for fellow politician 'Gabby' that they too had access to the Bible and were familiar with its contents.

Newt tells all who will listen that his transgressions against his WIVES were due to his PASSION for his country to which he worked slavishly and drove him to sexual relationships (or at least mental infidelity) with other women. His patriotism led him to woo and win other women.

God forgives and He will continue to forgive and He forgives who He will, but the audacity of Newt to think in his head: as long as I wrap everything up in Jesus I can say and do anything.

His explanation is demeaning to womanhood. To deliver divorce papers to a wife with cancer and wrap it up in patriotism and God - Newt has not one ounce of compassion or concern for those close to him. For Newt to loudly advocate family values and bring a person up on charges for adultery; while indulging in the same behavior - Newt does not care about the other man and his family. For Newt to look into the eyes of fellow Christians and say I transgressed due to my passion for my country; Newt does not care about the people of his party and voters at large.

Newt must have employed these same strategic devices while ditching one wife and obtaining another: I do what I want regardless of how it looks or who it hurts. We do know there is repentance and forgiveness, but there are also consequences set into motion by sin. Below is an excerpt from my book "The Politics of Prayer":

David was “a man after God’s own heart” (I Samuel 13:14). He governed God’s people by God’s principles. Even though he possessed strong leadership abilities and a willingness to obey God, he was still human. He struggled with lust, adultery, and even murder. He had problems with a son trying to entice an entire nation into rebellion against him, the king.

When David repented to God for his sins, God showed him forgiveness and his fellowship and peace with God was restored. Though God forgave David, he had to live through the consequences his sins had set in motion (II Samuel 12-20), such as the death of his child with the woman he committed adultery with, Bathsheba.
We see David as an ideal leader of an imperfect kingdom. Then we see an ideal kingdom and an imperfect leader.

So Newt, and all of the others in government and the political arena, even if you slap God, Jesus onto everything; there will always be consequences for your actions. And to Newt - you ain't cute.


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