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True Power

Friday, April 29, 2011

WORKING WOMEN still attacked

On good old facebook a question was asked by a woman: "Should women work outside of the household and do you men; prefer your wife not to work?" Well I had to respond.

My reply was family based stating that I believe the institution of family has suffered from not having at least one parent at home to rear their children. School, church, babysitter, television, etc., can not and should not instill family values, total academia, and societal laws into the sponge like mind of children.

I said if the married couple agreed, whether it was the husband or wife, at least one person should take on the responsibility for their children's development from birth to age 18.

Another facebook friend replied to me by saying that the WOMAN should be the one at home and not working according to the Bible structure for marriage. She said women should stay in their designated place and the belief of modern Christians that if an agreement is struck it makes things okay (which she said it doesn't). She said she would never consider working unless her husband was ill then she would enter the workplace.

I went back and acknowledged the Bible is the best blueprint for correct living and if it was followed the home would be healed. I pointed out that my answer was for women in general and I was proposing a solution for the crumbled family. I pointed out the fact that the question would be moot if it was meant for Christians because we all know that every Christian is married before having children and the husband would be the head of the household and what ever his income, sufficient or not, they would live within their means joyously. SARCASM ALERT

I myself became a Christian after having a child out of wedlock. Once wed, I did stay at home with my children. But, as Christian wives and mothers, what are we exampling to other Christians and non-Christians? Can we have conversations with non-Christians without placing guidelines we accepted freely (the Bible) on them and yet have solutions for very real problems? Or are we just parrots repeating what we have been told and yet do not follow ourselves?

Back to her saying she would work if her husband was ill and could not. Why does the rules dissappear when the head of the house is not able to perform adequately in providing for his family but not in any other serious circumstance? What if your husband's income could not feed the dozens of children you are commanded to bear (be fruitful and multiply), is it fine to work then? By the way, Christians are only having the number of children they feel comfortable supporting financially and even emotionally which is not biblical either (Read my book "When Will Eve Be Forgiven?" for more detail on this Christian birtrate hypocrisy.

Head of the household means head of the household. If a woman and the children suffer from insufficient income brought in from one working man, then the family should suffer from the husband inability to make any income. An unemployable husband is still head of the household and the woman is still the care giver and overseerer of the home.

Christians seem to change the rules for themselves but have no tolerence for non-Christians changing rules they never agreed to follow. The Bible then, seems to be for the non-Christian and not for the Christian. 

If a non-Christian married man and woman cannot agree that the man should stay home and she should work, leaving her non agreed to biblical role then when a Christian man cannot work, his wife should not abandon her post. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it to let children starve just because of Biblical roles for men and women. Well, it is not. The Christians are not alone and have God to depend on in these types of extreme hardships. It is in these miracle ready circumstances that a greater testimony is given to the world: "When I follow God and His word, He is faithful to supply my needs." How can God demonstrate His great love and care for His followers, who obey His commands and are promised numerous blessings for following his statutes when they step in and handle things themselves out of fleshly fear and concerns? THIS IS NOT SARCASM. the Bible even says Christians are a strange people not doing what the world does, but depending on Him in faith.

Christian women (some) look down on the working woman as long as their husband's have a good job, but their tune changes when finacial difficulties occur and they will take that non-Christian woman's non-biblical job position in a heartbeat.

So, the reason for this post. Be careful of the self righteous stand you take with the world. Teach the Bible, don't change the message, but be mindful of the advice you are giving. We are ALL so far from following the guidelines of the Bible and we need the grace and mercy of God daily. With love, help move others as well as self into the place of maturity God would have us all live in. We can be what God would have us to be with education, support and not condemnation.

We live in a time of greed allowing the family structure to suffer. We live in a time where we pick and choose what part of the Bible we are willing to follow. If we all got it right immediately our world would be a dfferent place. 

From a woman who has been a working mom and a stay at home mom, I have respect for the great intitution of womanhood and motherhood. 


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