True Power

True Power

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Silence is not always Golden


Seems like the African American community would have a lot to say on this 21st century occurance, but there is a deafening silence.

We heard with loud voices the everyday American; not the academically elite or career government type, make their needs/demands known all the way to the steps of the capitol. This group was so outspoken and united in spirit and cause untill this grassroot group received their own name.

Time marched on from year one to year two of a never seen before presidency. Another group would come forth demanding to be heard on an issue that could destroy family and livelihood. The second large mass chorus of voices were those of the Hispanic community and those standing up for immigration rights. This group was what one may, if they were the risky type, call a sleeper cell.

The Hispanic population simmered for years underneath the radar of politicians. Soon census tabulations would show the increase of births and thus population of this ethnic group in America. I noticed, the increase and the forcasted first largest minority group by 2010 if not earlier pushing blacks to second place. For those not paying any attention, it occurred earlier and not later. Hispanics have made a large footprint in number and now have new political clout. If they spoke united, they could be heard because they now have voting power. Yes, there are some illegal immigrants, but there is still the power of friends of this ever growing group who are sympathetic to their plight as Americans. A majority of Americans will always root for the underdog. I have been that type of person in my daily life.

Now we are at year three and there are other voices booming across the wide world of the web. This group is the ever come lately group of women. Yes, a mistake was made. Some toes were stepped on; and when those toes are polished and often times in those totally unnecessary 5 inch heels; there should be some screaming or loud discourse going on don't you think?

All of the above groups demonstrating their vocal power before using their voting power have a bone to pick. I am not writing this to say whether it is right or wrong; I'm writing to say HEY there is a silence coming from the black community.

While Obama was running for president, I listened to male Christians try to convince me not to vote for Obama just because he was black and I was black. They said I should not "VOTE EMOTIONALLY." If my eyes did not say it, I finally did. Why do you and how dare you assume that I do not weigh the person running for president by his platform. I have voted several times prior to the first black man on top of the democratic ballot election and if no one cared how I picked my candidate then, why now? I guess in all other elections I was allowed the benefit of doubt trusted on my own to use some kind of reasoning other than the color of their tie to choose who received my vote. Why all of a sudden was I being told to leave emotion at home. Studies show candidates are voted for out of some type of emotion: he will save us, he is the kind of guy you would like to have a beer with, he's just like the everyday person, he fought bravely for our country, etc. Researchers will even tell you, handsome candidates win.

Needless to say, votes were cast, and people other than people sharing his skin color voted and elected Obama president. And now to the not so golden silence.

Where are the voices of pride in the black community? A drug free, never convicted, college educated, married man, loving father, great personality, critical thinker, team player, constitutional law expert is president. This is an example we can point to and tell our children "You can go to college, you can get married and stay married, you can raise your children in your own home, you can retain all of your blackness and still be a viable contributer to your community and nation at large."

The dreams may not be the same, but there is not one thing stopping you from having a dream and moving in the direction of that dream.

We see on a national scale that Obama is having a bumpier ride than most presidents. Some say it is racism some say it is just the discomfort of the economic down turn. But, there have been obstacles for black people and let's face it, that may never change. But, once aagain we see an example of perseverence in President Obama. If he is angered by less than enthusisatic detractors-he marches on still being true to the office he has been appointed to. He has been called names by bullies because that is what bullies do. When the dust settles, they will still be bullies waiting for fresh meat while history books across the world will write about the presidency of Obama. Some wanted the president to get angry to get tough; attributes the balck man have been stereotyped as for centuries. Attributes Obama has demonstrated are a choice not a genetic condition.

This is not about policy or politics. I don't care who you voted for. But not to stand up and cheer that Obama, his wife, and children have finally, visibly shaken the foundation of the stereotype of the 'black person' is worth giving voice to. A politcal commentator said "Obama's presidency is showing us in America and around the world - if this black man is not good enough- than what black man is?" I hope there will be other black people to answer this question. I hope the treatment of this president does not deter the black community from entering other positions of power and status. I hope the BLACK VOICE WILL NOT BE SILENCED.

And as for me, I salute you President Obama for showing our black men that success is not the car you drive, how many women you have, or whether you are shown proper hood respect. Success is mapping out your life, being the best person you can be, working the extra time to go the extra distance, realizing a good woman by your side is an asset and how you treat her is part of your character, and finally realizing what has been true as long as there has been a world: not everyone is going to like/love you, no one is going to make life easy for you, there will be failures and there will be successes, but what is yours, truly yours, no one can take away from you; it will always be part of your make up. This is true no matter your color, race, sex, or political leaning. 

*********A side note********* If you do not believe the first woman president (Hillary Clinton) would not have been disrespected as the first female president, then I need you to keep reading my spin on the world in my past and upcoming blogs. Reminded of the song: It's a Man's World but every man needs a good woman or a girl.


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