True Power

True Power

Friday, July 8, 2011

GOP Christian Values and stuff momma never told me about History

Play dirty in your own background and leave history out of it.

It seems like I have to make this statement. Lately the news has been reporting the most outragous things. Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has gone on record saying the founding fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery. Well, history did not record all of their sit ins and rallies as they protested against slavery. If history has distorted and maliciosuly left out the endless fraught with violence struggle of the founding fathers to end slavery, then our country is being misled and we should do our best to correct the error. But, we do have concrete evidence; the Civil War, that there was a strong incentive to maintain slavery and that incentive was MONEY. Money does not have strange bedfellows; it has just who you think would be there.

Fast forward and we are in another historical period where race and money seems to be what is causing unrest in the United States once again. The cry "I want my country back" has deeper roots than the economy. We are living in a time of the 'perfect Storm' for all skewed thinking to surface. The ugliness of the political arena is the manifestation of the disease of prejudice. The ire over Obama's election breeched the levee of tolerance. Now everything that was hated at a family level is now hated on the national scene. The BLACK stereotypical life is on blast and WE are not going to take it anymore. The ills of America can be traced back to blackness: gang violence, welfare, unemployment, medicaid, abortion, the increase in the Muslim religion, national debt, laziness, illegitamate children, family breakdown, drugs and add whatever else you can think of to add to the list. Obama, it seems raised the fear that the world is headed to doom and he will lead the country to the way of the blacks, socialism, communism or whatever the buzz word is today. It is not projected as such, but make no mistake there is more going on in America than meets the eye. Ask other countries about America and why there is so much internal bickering and you will get an answer you may not want to hear. WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM?!

What is an attack on America? When a group joins together so the President fails (If he fails doesn't America fail/fall too and if someone outside of the United States hatched and announced this same scheme then it would be a hostile act of aggression against the country), when groups sign pacts after the only pact to follow in their JOB description is the constitution (treasonous at least declaring loyalty, signing oaths and such while in public office to entities)? WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM?!

Has any other president had to fight against a political party the way Obama has? His stimulus plan didn't fail; it was rejected by states headed by Republicans set on the president not helping their economic situation. The unemployment rates are slow to recover as Republicans ban together in unison across state lines to put teachers, nurses, firemen, and policemen out of work and call it breaking unions. At this moment Minnesota is shut down based on partisan disagreements. Hurting Obama hurts America. Senator McConnell said his number one goal was to make Obama a one term president. WHY? The gloves came off and yet people with this mentality say they are looking out for the interest of ALL Americans. Disagree without being disagreeable. WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM?!


A Marriage pact was signed by social conservatives (Michele Bachmann) saying during slavery African Americans were born into a 2 parent household and since the election of a black president they are born into a single parent household. When were there black families in slavery? Women were used as baby machines and black men as studs and children; cotton pickers.What is biblical about any of this. What society are you helping and who are the members of THIS society? MY hsitory is being rewritten to make someone feel better about what? I believe when you begin to lie and believe it yourself - you are moving away from God and more towards selfish needs. God raised up a standard; a tangible to measure your Holy life by. Is America moving away from that standard? JUST BECAUSE YOU ADDED OTHER STUFF ABOUT MUSLIMS, HOMOSEXUALS, PORNOGRAPHY DOESN'T MAKE ANY OF THE SLAVERY STUFF TRUE and vice versa.

There will be dueling Bible passages for each point of view but the heart condition which God looks at will be the "truth teller" Look at the Parable of the Rich Man's Harvest Luke 12:16-20 who had a great harvest, built for himself bigger storage so he could live off of his wealth for years "take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry" God had a different agenda and the greedy man who thought of his own comfort died before daybreak. Ugliness, sinfulness, or whatever it is that makes one nurse bitterness whether dressed up in perfume and catchy names can be smelled a mile away as hatefulness. A bad 'heart condition' can't/won't be hidden forever. The question has to be asked: "What set the masses off when Obama became President?" Directly after 9/11 we did not have such an assault against Muslims, but it is believed Obama is a Muslim. Spreading the Wealth is a tag now used but remember when oil monopolies were broken for the betterment  of the nation and philanthropy was encouraged for the filthy rich? Were they socialists when this was done?

Glenn Beck decided to explain to the black populous how the intent of the Planned Parenthood founder was to get rid of blacks through genecide and we should hate them. This did not shock any black people because since their introduction into America the intent was to get rid of them in one way or another after usefulness, this was just another attempt in another way and to bring up Planned Parenthood in a climate where such hate is evidenced against the first black president is the pot calling the kettle black. Michele Bachmann is giving the biggest insight into a world once theorized but now ringing true. I tell my kids the next thing to happen is the gift of blankets with smallpox and David Duke has a good chance of winning the GOP backing this election.

So, if the Medicaid, Medicare, abortions, homosexual legislation, voting rights of people released from jails, unions, and whatever else is taken away, Obama was still a president of the United States. His history has already struck and is not eraseable. What history are we as individuals and Christians writing? Huntsman, the GOP Mormon candidate, has done more to elevate his religious beliefs just by being a decent human being unwilling to delve into the slop of partisanship that uplifts no one. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT PEOPLE.
Whether you agree with me or not is not the point. the point is VOTE VOTE VOTE and read my book "The Politics of Prayer"


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