True Power

True Power

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We'll Rule Your Uterus, but WE draw the line at ruling your breasts

How much does it take for a head to explode from crazy?
Well, as you know I listen to American Family Radio when I am driving long distances. Why I continue to do this to myself I don't know; but I do.

Last week I sat behind my steering wheel, seat belt buckled, and listened to the most mind blowing rant that literally caused me to vigorously shake my head in disbelief. I was shaking my head trying to get out of my brain what had just entered; like that was really going to work.

For a split second I thought my head was going to explode from the sheer hypocrisy of what I was listening to.

Okay, I'm am going to do my best to relay to you what made me believe my head would not remain intact upon my shoulders.

For the last several months there has been what has been coined as a "War On Women" which Conservatives say do not exist. Anyway, on this Christian radio station I have become accustomed to hearing about abortions and contaceptions and ObamaCare forcing Christians to have access to birth control pills against their will. I have heard various commentators rail against Planned Parenthood and Roe vs Wade as the end of the world as we know it. The internal mandatory vaginal sonogram for women seeking abortions was the cherry on top of the sundae for the Republican Party. All of this is common knowledge.

On this particular day during the Kevin McCullough show, the commentator was highly upset with Mayor Bloomberg, of New York for 'hiding' baby formula from mothers in an effort to get more moms to breast feed.

Mayor Bloomberg pushing NYC hospitals to hide baby formula so more new moms will breast-feed
Read more:

The commentator said how dare the Mayor dictate to a woman that she should breast feed her child. The mayor, in essence, was stepping in and taking decision making from the woman who had the right to choose whether or not she wanted to breast feed. And what about mothers who can not produce an adequate supply of milk? He was making them feel less than human and a failure as a mother. How dare the Mayor try to tell a woman what to do with her own body. And to add injury to insult or (insult to injury) before the mother could be issued the baby formular, a nurse would sit down and counsel the woman about the health benefits of breast feeding. This really burned the britches of the commentator.

He stated how dare the Mayor lecture a woman on breast feeding when it was nobody's business!!!!

Does anyone get why I thought my head was going to EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So to sum things up: Conservatives can and will continually push laws to make women have babies - no abortions, no contaceptives. But, how women choose to feed the babies after they are born is nobody's business and you will make a woman feel inferior when you take choices away from her about breastfeeding or not breastfeeding?

There is a place called Crazy Town USA and the people of this town don't even have to show ID; you just have to listen to them and you will know right away they live in Crazy Town USA.

The reasoning given by Christian Conservatives as to their stance on abortion is first: it is because it is biblical and second: it is because they care and love women so much they want to protect them from the damage and horror that come with having an abortion. I don't know why they get so riled up about contraceptives, unless it is because Caucasians are becoming the minority and they want to correct this fact with getting rid of Planned Parenthood and access to contraceptives to force more Caucasian women to have more children (Census data indicates the Hispanic population will soon out number the Caucasian and African American population).

But, hating the idea of encouraging breast feeding; which is benificial for baby and mom is the most inane reason for a rant on the protection of women's rights when you are trying to control her decision of whether or not she wants to even become pregnant. Is this one of those cart before the horse deals?

Uterus, Vagina, Breast, all that is left is a Lobotomy in the effort of loving women to death.


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