True Power

True Power

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who am I?

As Joseph Epstein, an American essayist says: "We all exist on at least three levels: the person as he or she appears in public; the person as he or she is known to intimates, which includes family and dear friends, and the person, deepest of all, who is only known to him- or herself, where all aspirations, resentments, fantasies, desires, and much else that is not ready for public knowledge reside" I find myself asking the same question that the Republican party is asking about McCain and of Obama, of myself. I have an "Obama - Biden 08" bumper sticker hiding on my backseat underneath bookbags and a emergency cold weather jacket.


I protest loudly within the confines of my home secure walls at what I consider racism shown towards Obama. I yell at the televised speeches of Palin and stare astonished at her backers and cheerers. I cheer for Obama in his debates and hope to acheive the dignity and wisdom that he exemplifies. Yet I feel wary to let the public know my political choice.

He does nto protest abortion. Neither do I but I do not advocate it. WE both believe in prevention. Does that make me less of a Christian?

Why do I hide this from man when God knows. God knows the heart of McCain, Obama, and Palin. Who would God tell the people "Who am I?"

How do I stand and who do I stand with? If people are left questioning this it is because I am concealing myself purposefully from them. But why when it is God that matters? What else do I hide from the public and should I do so? I think Obama is the bravest person that I have met in my lifetime. He is running for President even on the threat of death. "Kill him" is shouted in formth of Secret Service men without hesitation.

Jesus did what he knew would help the world on the pains of death (No, I am not comparing Obama to Jesus). What about me? I am a Christian and I am black. I do nothing on the pains of death. Who am I? How often will I hide and on what subjects that are more relevant than this election?



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