True Power

True Power

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Book Review: The Collard Patch

Thanks to Mary Lou Cheatham and Paul Elliot for allowing me to review their book. Look forward to doing more reviews with them and other authors. You can order this book at: Blue Moon Books-Louisiana. 207 N. Service Rd., E. #213. Ruston, LA 71270.

I found the breakdown of the opening chapters as helpful but was confused as to how they actually related to the rest of the book sections. The information under each chapter heading was enthralling. I enjoyed the history of the collard greens and even the helpful hints that I will definitely use to help with garden pests. The information in regards to the African American heritage and use of collard greens was an interesting addition. The book was written in a way to give the collard lover and the novice collard eater a deeper appreciation of the vegetable.

The interweaving of humor helped to balance the technical aspects of recipes and dietary information. The personal recipes, bios, and other stories shared makes this book a timeless treasure that can be handed down from generation to generation for "comfort food encouragement." The personal touches of the individual stories encourages one to try one or two of the inspirational recipes. The diversity and range that the authors incorporated will definitely touch many people as well as palates.

Additional website information encourages the reader to delve deeper into the great world of collard greens. The addition of childhood recollections add to the charm of The Collard Patch. The book is not just a book of recipes, but of history and experiences that go along with living a good life filled with laughter and eating right filled with love.

I would recommend The Collard Patch to adventurous cooks, the garden lover, and to those interested in restoration of the mind, body, and spirit. I was delightfully surprised at the down-home feel that I was left with after reading the book. A true experience of relaxation filled with delicious, easy to follow recipes that once tried are destined to be favorites.


Philip said...

Its great to hear information about book review; thanks :)

Paul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul said...

Dorothy, thank you for such an eloquent and descriptive review. Yes, growing up in Collard Country, the stories of my misspent youth, were a good time in life. In retrospect a lot of them were hilarious, though perhaps not so much so at the time.

The Collard Patch can be ordered from or from us at the above address or by phone at 318-548-1716.

Mary and I will link to your blog.

And congratulations on your graduation!

Paul Elliott

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