True Power

True Power

Friday, November 20, 2009

Choosing Well

After seeing your post on Facebook, my response to your questions on going natural are as follows:

When: I decided to go natural about a year and 1/2 ago.

Why: First I did it because I couldn't afford the up-keep. I am a single Mom.
At the time I was trying to have a house built, I have a foreign made car that was very expensive to repair, a son who required allergy shots (frequent Dr. visits) and I also have a chronic medical condition. So, I didn't have 2 nickles to spare! I also traveled alot for my job. So time was valuable. I have very thick I would spend at least 3 hours getting it washed, permed, colored, trimmed and styled, etc. THEN I'd spend the rest of the day in the Barbershop with my son. So there goes a full Saturday focused on hair grooming! The last time I did this....I said, "FORGET THIS!"

Family response: My family is from the old school. Press n Curl or Perm it! My Mom still gives me a hard time. I have a few aunts and uncles who also tell me everytime they see me, "Girl do somethin fo yo HAIR!"

Google image

Co-Workers: My Boss kept giving me crazy looks and just asking questions. I could tell by her expression she didn't approve, but wouldn't dare say it directly. Most my other co-workers just asked questions. So, did you cut your hair? You letting the chemicals grow out? Keeping in mind that I work in a Corporate Accounting building with mostly caucasian men and women. There are only 4 black women out of about 50 people. AND I'm an auditor so I see them all on a regular basis.

Self-Esteem: At first I was VERY self-concious about it. It was a mess because some parts still had perm in it while others were frizzy and had grown out. I also had to ask around and try lots of different products and techniques (washing, blow drying, platting, conditioners, rolling) to figure out what worked for me. You know like what products gave me the look I wanted. I even had to decide what look it was that I wanted. Since I do travel, I got lots of looks, lots of compliments and some questions. The more comfortable I got with it the more it was accepted by others. Now everyone tells me I look exotic like I'm from the islands or something. They say that it truly fits me. Then I replay that song in my head! I think it's called, "I am not my hair," by Jill Scott. I hold my head up high and say to myself, it's always been about what makes me happy, not conforming to what others think I should be. I see my self growing old with my natural even after the fad has passed :=)

I hope this helps! Good luck with your book! fentress R.

"In the end Life is about making choices. Our challenge is to choose well."


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