True Power

True Power

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ministry of Hair!!!

If you have read any of my biography, you will have noticed that I was a seminary student. I completed my Masters in Christian Studies. As a women with dreads deep into God and making sure His teachings are kept pure, I did not believe the traditional religious community would accept my choice of hair style; and I was correct. I don't look pious with the polyester two piece skirt and jacket most Christian women wear. I am not a part of the big-hat group. I do not fit the standard approved Christian womnan look. I chose not to put on the outer appearance of Christianity and then neglect the inside in which God sees and judges. My look is my montra: DON'T JUST PUT ON THE UNIFORM. BECOME COMPETENT IN YOUR PROFESSION. THERE IS TOO MUCH SPIRITUAL MALPRACTICE GOING ON ALREADY.

The interviewee below faced a somewhat similar dilemma dealing with ministry and dreads.

1. When and why did you decide to dread your hair?
I began in 2001. The why of it at the time was that it was kind of fashionable. I was looking for a new style, and dreads was new.

2. What was the initial response of your family, friends, and co-workers?
Friends thought i looked 'cute.' Family thought i shouldn't be wearing "those little worms" since i was getting into the ministry at the time.

3. What do you like or dislike about your hair?
i love it because it's mine, god given, no more no less....what i don't like is i'm kind of addicted to it...i think i would cry if someone asked me to cut it.

4. Have you noticed any boost in confidence or any other change in your personality?
I did experience a confidence boost..i got kind of cocky for a while, it's more a part of me now.

5. What is the response to your hair now?
I do hair professionally now, so it's a mark of pride, kind of free advertising

6. What state do you live in?


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