True Power

True Power

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Princess and the Frog


My family planned for months what we were going to wear and how we were going to behave when the first black princess appeared on the big screen before us.

We all wore crowns (seven of us). My neice who is four wore the biggest crown and a black princess costume I had purchased during Halloween for her to wear to the movies. The rest of us wore something purple or green (the colors of the princess). We put on purple and green eye shadow and liner, took several pictures (I will upload as soon as I can), and off to the movies we went.

At my country movie theater there were no lines of little children or anticipation lingering in the air. People began to stare at our little group whispering as to what the heck was going on. The ticket person asked how many children and how many adults? One child, six adults. The cashier laughed. With popcorn and other needed food items off we went.

We sat in the last row so we could watch the theater fill and it began to, without any white people. My oldest daughter made a rude comment about where were all the little loyal Disney princesses? She was admonished by her younger sister. Five minutes after start time there were approximately four white adults and five white children. PRETTY GOOD FOR MY NECK OF THE WOODS.

The theater went black and then it began.......

It was great. I did not think Disney would pull it off but they did. The color was vibrant, the characters were loveable, the songs were not annoying, and there was the trademark African'esk feel to the movie. The lightening bug reminded me of a cousin of mines. The voodoo woman represented a long line of aged African American women. The ending was priceless.

If you haven't made your way to see the movie, then you are missing a treat. Don't bootleg this one, pay. It is worth every penny.


Elephant's Eye said...

That is fascinating. You open a friendly door to African Americans for me. Diana

Dorothy said...

Hi Diana,

Glad to see someone actually reading my posts. The world of the African American is fascinating. I hope I can do us justice on this blog. I try to be as honest as possible with my views, but I do not represent the entire race. I appreciate feedback, it adds to my growth. So, you have found a friendly place and I hope a place of growth for all who read the posts. Keep checking in and feel free to comment.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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