True Power

True Power

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jacquette: Breath of Beauty Interview

1. I decided to go natural in 2007. I always thought natural hair was beautiful, but I didn't have any immediate influences and because of that I was extremely nervous about going natural myself. When I finally decided to go natural, I actually built up the courage to do so after a break-up and the need for finding was a journey well worth the plunge!

2. Before I BC'd, I would tell my family that I was thinking about going natural, and my family wasn't feeling it. My friends were telling me to wait until I had grown my hair out to a longer length before I cut it. At that time, the only person's opinion that meant the world to me was my mom's. I transitioned for four months. The month I decided to just go ahead and cut it all off was the same month as my family reunion, and my mother told me, "well, are you going to get it braided, because I don't want you going to the reunion looking crazy". After I left the salon from getting my BC, I went straight to my mom's house, and when she saw the new me, she had nothing but compliments!

3. I've noticed a MAJOR boost in my confidence. Most black women find beauty in our hair. When we go natural, cutting off all of our hair is the scariest thing next to meeting our maker almost! LOL! Its like, we've identified ourselves with our hair for so long, that when the hair is gone, we loose our sense of identity. Because of this, we have to go on a journey to figure out exactly where our beauty comes from. If its not in our hair, then where? I found beauty in my personality, and in my eyes! I started to see things in myself that I never really noticed until I didn't have my hair to hide behind. Going natural was so humbling and eye opening to me that I often times reference to it as a spiritual journey! My favorite quote is "God don't make no mistakes." And if God chose me to put this texture of hair on my head, who am I not to love it?

4. I love the versatility I have with hairstyles now. I love the texture, the pattern. I am seriously IN LOVE with my!

5. I get a lot of compliments now. From men, women, older black people (who are usually more conservative in nature), and even white people! People who never really thought about going natural in my close circle are starting to go natural themselves, and if they haven't taken the leap of faith and cut it all off, they have at least been a lot more conscious about using chemicals and harsh products on they're hair. I've had more conversation with people about treating they're hair (and themselves) as temples and I owe it all to the crown I have atop of my own head!


Anonymous said...

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Dorothy Guyton said...

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. It encourages me to keep up the effort. I do sometimes have a different slant on things, but I hope t helps people to think and not to get angry or bitter.

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