True Power

True Power

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Abortion, Christianity, Moral Legislation

Going home from a long journey, I came upon a rairoad track with the white bars down and red lights flashing. I had been there before many times. I automatically turned off my engine in preparation for a long wait for the rusty, grafitti drawn cargo train to pass by slowly. I pulled my visored mirror down to pass the time examining the pores on my face.

Across the tracks from me, a white mustang came to a halt. I noticed the passenger looking impatiently frmo left to right scanning the train tracks for the promised approaching train. After three minutes, the young female zig-zagged passed the lowered cautionary barrier of flashng red lights; cell phone in hand to her ear; and a smile on her face.

A large silver F150 truck approached me from the rear on my left, passed me, and zig-zagged pass the secured train tracks. The male driver barely paused before illegally crossing the tracks.On my right I noticed a gray car which had crossed the tracks at an unofficial entrace point to the train tracks and was traveling down (parallel)the legnth of the tracks to get to the extention of highway my parked car was headed towards. The stopped car in front of me noticed this maneuver and tried to retrace the path of the gray car in the opposite direction;looking for the exit point.

It was 2::30 p.m. Too late to go to work and too early to be leaving work. I wondered where were all of these people going to in such a hurry as I sat in my car at the empty railroad tracks.

My mind flooded with the scenes of cars mangled by trains from news broadcast. The anchor person would comment "A suicide attempt" or "A car stalled on the tracks." This was the case for not one of the cars that disobeyed the law of the protected railroad tracks.

I could hear the wails of parents and loved ones "Why God? Why did you do this to my child? Why me? Why him?" God had nothing to do with these decisions and would have been blameless.

My mind turned to a more darker thought. If a train would have struck one of those vehicles, the flying debris could hit me and consequntly kill me. People would say, "She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A freak accident."

I witnessed several people who had no regard for their own life, and thus, no regard for anyone elses life.

Why do we rush through life, living like toddlers in our terrible two's; wanting what we want right now.

People try to legislate morality by implementing laws. We need laws to maintain order. But, we must never think that a law will make someone do what is right. When no one is around to directly enforce the law, people do what they want.

I am a Christian and I believe abortion is wrong. But I know to be made in the image of God "Imago Dei" we must have free will, free choice, just like Adam and Eve had free choice in the Garden of Eden. They of course chose to do wrong and recieved their punishment from God. Women will always choose to have or to abort their child whether there is a legal organization to do the service or not. There have been abortion potions written about since man found the ability to communicate.

I know this will be a controversial statement, but the Presisent does not kill babies; women kill babies. They always have and I am said to say they always will.

Just like the people who crossed the secured railroad tracks one after another, the choice to do wrong, disobey laws, trust your own judgement is what makes us human; flawed, stupid humans with little regard for ourselves or others. The choice was theirsto stop at the railroad tracks or not, the consequences at stake were severe, the fallout would have been horrible.

What would have happened if I had berated them, scolded them, quoted scripture to them, I would have felt better, but my actions probably would have been meaningless. I would have done so if I could have. To love others is not to sit by and watch them do wrong. But I could have only voiced my concern. The rest would have been up to them. The law already exists. The tales of death have been told. It would have still been their decision.

God could have given Adam and Eve a babysitter to ensure they followed His command. He didn't. He wanted them to obey Him on their own accord. He let Adam be Adam and Eve be Eve. He wanted them to make choices; to CHOOSE to obey Him in His presence and out of Hs presence.

To take away a person's right of choice is to make them less than human. People say if we are a nation that condones abortion God will be displeased with us all. I am not a nation. And to think if we (as a nation)do not condone abortion, makes us all Christians, who God is pleased with, is absurd. There is already a law against murder right; one of the Ten Commandments. Doesn't that give us enough favor with God? If all of the commandments were legislated; would our nation then have total and complete favor with God making it unnecessary for personal responsibility for salvation since or nation being favored is so important to the average Christian? There is a long list of sins that America has as a nation. But the murder of babies, seems to be the one sin, if we rid ourselves of, will save us from God's wrath and must be done collectively. Hard to believe isn't it?

Being against abortion is Christian. But making it the nation's standard for salvation is erroneous. Lose one sin pick up another. The battle never ends. Christians would have to stand guard over everyone's potential to sin. Is this actually a Christian's job description as a servant of God. I have heard, "We are protecting those who can't protect themselves." A valid and noble position. But where there is not a heart change, sin abounds. Eternal life is the Good News of Jesus. I have nothing but praise for those who have helpe to change the mind of a mother entering an abortion clinic, but I also know that it was still her choice to sin as a creation of God. Every human creation of God is given a choice to choose right or wrong. Some of those choices just bother us more than others.

On my judgement day, I will stand alone in front of God to answer for my sins. I will be able to say with a clear conscious that I am against abortion. I have no heaven or hell to put anyone in.

We all want the best for every human including those who never had a chance to live. But what do we do when no one is looking? What have we to repent about? From the day we were born till now, would we have encurred the wrath of God. If the nation depended on our siless lives would America be doomed?

We feel good when we save a life. But how did we affect the heart of the person considering aborting the child? Did we convert them to Christianity? Or did we do an action to put another jewel in our crown? Was saving a physical life more important than saving a spiritual life?

Jesus ministered on earth for three years (at least) without one picket sign. It was Judas who wanted to change or overthrow the government and He believed Jesus was not concerned enough with the politics at hand.

The bottom line is "What regard do we have for life and can I force anyone to have regards about their life or the life of others?" I am ultimately responsible for only my own choices.

In total; 5 cars went through th flashing warning barriers. I sat there all aloe for at least 15 minutes. Finally, a official truck from the light company came to check a little shack next to the tacks and flagged me through, cross the tracks. I tured on my car and proceeded cautiously over the tracks.

We all have flashing red lights in our life somewhere. Sometimes we are the only one's who pay any attention to them. NARROW IS THE ROAD TO RIGHTEOUSNESS. This statement seems to fall on death Christian ears. Could it be the fact "If I have to do right; dog-on-it so so everyone else." Or have some Christians fallen for the incorrect belief that heaven is on earth and we can legislate a sin free world?

Our country may have been founded on Christian beliefs, but it is not a Christian country or it would be called Heaven instead of the United States.


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