True Power

True Power

Thursday, June 24, 2010

LADY EVE: Poetry in motion

If you haven't guessed I have a fascination with Eve, the mother of all women. She can be thanked for my desire to write and continue to learn about issues affecting women in life and especially religion. History has tainted the image of women and I will spend my life encouraging women to love and embrace womanhood. Keep an eye on my blog for upcoming published work availability. For now, enjoy one of my poems.

by Dorothy Guyton

Who were you this woman of creation,
That took a fall that fell a nation.
Who were you to reach and take a bite,
To open your eyes to now have sight.
What made you draw close to that tree that was forbidden,
What made you want to know all of the things God had hidden.

Tell me now the secret of your decision,
Tell me the entire truth leave out the revision.
Was it truly a snake in the garden on that day,
Was it truly an animal that convinced you to stray.
Could his beauty and supposedly velvety voice,
Make you eat of the tree-entice your choice.

Why did you decide to share the wonder you unearthed,
Why did you want to share deception you unconsciously birthed.
Can you put into words that first day of discovery,
Can you form a paragraph explaining your treachery.
Man has composed sonnets, ballads and prose,
To that one day in Eden when sin quickly arose.

Lady Eve, woman of beauty wisdom and charm,
Did you believe your curious action would cause so much harm.
Did you realize you sealed the fate of people yet to be born,
Your life forever remembered with loathing, shame and scorn.
You hid yourself in bushes and covered yourself with leaves,
And weaved a web of lies you hoped your Lord would believe.

Gone are your blissful days of laughter,
Your story was written without a happily ever after.
Evicted in shame from a garden of ease,
To pray for mercy daily on your humble bent knees.

I wonder on the day of the birth of your son,
Did you realize exactly what you had done.
To secure the prize of knowledge and sight,
You sacrificed the warmth and pleasure of daylight.
For the haunted, seductive, delicious, destruction of sin,
Would you make a different choice if confronted by the snake again.

Lady Eve, my ancestor in a time by me unknown,
Your actions on one day in history was a seed you should have never sown.
Adam and you presiding over all of creation,
Chose to disobey God with only slight hesitation.
Today I say I forgive you for the curse of the pain of labor,
If I faced what you faced in Eden I could have well been your neighbor.


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