True Power

True Power

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't Dread Change

I started my day as a red head, but I will end it with dark night emo hair.

I stood in front of the mirror and grabbed two handfuls or long red twisted dreads. I released the locks letting them cascade back down to the sides of my face and the edges of my shoulder blades. "I can't do it!" escaped my lips before I had time to form the thought of trepidation in my mind. Change is scary.

I have worn shocking red hair for over six years. It was my signiture. People in restaraunts would turn to look aT my tresses as I passed their tables. On more than one occasion, I have been asked "Who does your hair. I love the color." The children at my kids school think my kids have a cool mom with red dreads.


People always say it is "just hair." No it's not. Its who I want the world to know me as. For me my red dreads say I am a free spirit; fighting against the establishment. I am one with nature and all of the arts. I gravitate towards the unusual and root for the estranged underdog. I am a voice in constant communication with word, motion, and presence. I am the one who refuses to be ignored.

I shook the two bottles of dye, took a deep breath and began. Minutes later I rinsed away a past; realizing when I came up out of the water I would be a different person. I wrapped my hair and my mind preparing to face the new me.

In front of my bathroom mirror I unvailed deep, dark, rich, sensual, jet black hair. Beneath the damp straight twisted dreads was me with a smile.

I went from a blazing mane of red to an arresting classic black crown. There was still power there. There was still strength there. There was still me there.

My hair is such a large part of me. It makes a statement before I ever say a word. But, my hair has power because its origin has power. If I were a sexy person; I would have sexy hair. If I were a humble person; I would have humble hair.

Change is not easy. It makes you question "who you are." Knowing who you are is scary because you may not like yourself. But, this does not have to be a permanent condition. If I would have hated the black hair I would have eventually changed it to something I did like. But, it was the process of changing that was revealing, not necesarily the end product. Getting out of a comfort zone leads to growth.

I learned that I am willing to change, I am capable of change, and I am strong enough to change.



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