True Power

True Power

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New eyes, new ears, new you.

In what can only be considered as mind boggling, a seventh grade class in California discovered cave openings from an image taken of Mars by NASA. The class was doing a project looking at the surface of Mars in an attempt to find differences in the surface indicating mountains or caves.

This remarkable find helps to legitimize my philosophy on life and living. Do not think that you are the only keeper of knowledge. Take time to listen to someone with an opposing or new opinion or idea on a given subject.

There are many great theologians who have dedicated themselves to the study of God with concrete doctrine and flawless commentary of Scripture. But, there should always be an opportunity for fresh eyes to look at the Bible.

Just as police have cold case files, the Bible continues to reveal more information about those who penned the information and the source of that information. Years later, after a case has been put on the shelf with only half or even less than half of the critical information to solve the mystery found, a fresh pair of investigative eyes is assigned the unfinished case. The fresh eyes look at the information in a different way applying new techniques and new ideas to what has already been learned. In a lot of instances, the fresh eyes are able to solve the mystery of the unsolved case.

Who would have ever believed seventh graders, without degrees in astronomy or any other degree testifying to their mastery of the subject, would find something new and relelvent that scientists missed.

In religion, we should always be open to new and better explanations of the Bible and those who penned the pages. New information does not always equal heresy. There is usually warning bells and red flags for those who are corrupting the message of the Bible. But out and out corruption is much different then debate and discussion.

In life we should always try to have new eyes and new ears; open to enriching the knowledge we already possess. Just because you have done or believed something a certain way for years does not make it wrong, but it does not mean what you know and do is the best way known on earth.

I challenge you to have new eyes and new ears always searching the mysteries in your life enriching yourself and hopefully others.


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