True Power

True Power

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Facebook Frienemies

I didn't want to, but I was forced to come into the 21st century four months ago and join the facebook world.

As an author constantly on the lookout for new topics and inspiration for my writing, I needed to expand my resources; so I joined facebook.

The first day of friending and reading I HATED FACEBOOK and could not understand why anyone would be a part of such a community.

There was a lot of cursing, praying, farm life news (the game I guess), and business sharing. I poked around and read some profiles and discovered people really enjoy describing themselves in the utmost positive light. There were several people who enjoyed various activities, open minded, and fun loving. These people seemed very interesting in their likes and dislikes. One would believe the world is full of beautiful people doing beautiful things at all times.

Of course the picture albums with the standard booty poses and thug love poses can't be beat. People are living it up on facebook. They eat, they drink, they are sad and sick, but most of all they like what others have to say.


After about a week I became drawn into "what will they post next?" Was it going to be "I am so full," "I am blessed," "haterz hating today," or a wonderful new happy picture? I was on a high because I got to peruse over people's lives and loves. It became a secret addiction. I personally do not have anything I want to share that much, but I do comment here and there.

I feel a little happy for all of the people enjoying their lives and making connections with others. With life filled with so much stress you can unwind and enjoy someone elses good day. There is always someone with a word of wisdom or encouragement, or a partial sermon sprinkled in. It's like reality t.v. on asmaller scale.

I only have a few facebook friends. One of my daughters has over 500 friends, how and why I do not know. I have been sent a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day and have taken a quiz or two.

Not too long ago I sent out requests for people to friend me. South Park did a spoof on a kid without any facebook friends and how sad he was. I did not know anything about facebook at the time so I was out of the loop on the joke. Now I am the kid without a lot of facebook firends. My kids say it is because I am too old. I can't believe I am at that time in my life when I can be considered too old for something. So there is age descrimination on facebook I guess. But I have no interest to friend those cursing kids with their secret language codes.But exactly how many friends are enough on facebook anyway?

But as with all love relationships, the thrill is waning. I don't get the rush like I did before. I do not like arguing social or political issues; also add religious issues. Some things are too private even for facebook. I have joined many wonderful writing groups, geneaology gruops and religious groups. But I do not rush to facebbok to read and look at the photo albums anymore.

I guess I am a fickle friend. Now my facebook activity is more related to my career endeavours. I mean if I could max out and have 5,000 friends I would have a large vein for resource and research.

So, am I a friend or enemy of Facebook? I guess we are FRIENEMIES.


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