True Power

True Power

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Should Sue!!!

I try to stay away from extreme controversial political issues. But I could not sleep last night after this woman was accused of racism.

Over and over again the edited tape was played fanning the flames of racism: BLACK WOMAN HATES WHITES.

Consequently she lost her job and everyone is blaming the other. I say SUE!!!! I've watched enough of Judge Judy to know she has a case of libel. This woman's reputation was harmed and she lost her job.

When I was young I trusted the news. When I became an adult, I became a little more cautious about what was reported but I knew it would not be an out and out lie. Now, it is one news organization beating up on another news organization and saying whatever the demographic wants to hear and they eat it up. Is there any wonder the Bible said the people will be fooled by a false messiah? The masses are fooled by everyone as long as they think and say what they want to hear.

I now listen to BBC and other countries to tell me about my own country and NO I don't trust them either, but I want to know how the rest of the world is viewing our stupidity.

Once a great nation now a pack of wolves devouring ourselves as other nations look on. We hate each other plain and simple. We will not survive long and everyone but America knows it.

America use to go to the rescue of other nations mistreating their countrymen. Now, several nations have signed on with Mexico against Arizona's immigration stance. We use to go on missionary trips to evangelize other countries. Now, other countries come to the U.S. in missionary efforts.

WAKE UP PEOPLE. I use to love Fox News, now I am sad for them and feel shame as they plug their political agenda for the day. Their dignity has been sold. It is a hate station now, not news. It has never been "news" that people dislike minorities and a new minority is bar-b-qued each day.

The liberal networks have to keep up with them by dismissing everything they report which is like high shcool kids fighting and gossiping. Where do real people go for what is actually happening in the U.S. with no political agenda.

GROW UP PEOPLE. You are creating a nation of angry, bitter people. It does take the eye off individual lives but this garbage that is suppose to be news is depressing. Does everyone get up in the morning wanting to fight?


Stop the slander of people. Show that we can be a Christian nation again. Who is benefiting from all of this. There are some people getting rich and they are not the fired up listeners.

Sorry if you do not share my views and I know I spoke against the God Like Fox News. Remember, we are all humans wanting to live in some kind of peace. Turn away from all of this ugliness.


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