True Power

True Power

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Linda Smith, Pastor: Interview

Well let's thank Linda Smith for being the first to grace us with her interview. She also sent us a picture, but I was not able to upload it. As you read her interview, keep her and her dedication to serving God in your prayers. The purpose of these interviews is for growth and encourgement. You can contact Linda at:

1. When did you realize God wanted you to serve in this capacity. How long have you been in the ministry?

In 1980. I have been in ministry since then but formal study and ordination began in 1982.

2. Does your denomination (if one) encourage women/you to be a presence in Christianity? Where was your source of encouragement?

I was not, at the time of my call, in a denomination. The mentors in my non-denominational church were my encouragement other than God. There were other women ministers there.

3. Have you met any opposition to your calling and how do you handle it i.e. prayer, teaching?

Of course, I have had opposition, not only due to gender, but just because I'm Christian. I handle it according to the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, whatever means that entails.

4. In one of my blogs I recounted a man saying all that sit under a woman's teaching will go to hell? How would you address a comment like this?

I wouldn't address it. He's wrong and my sense is he won't listen to a woman tell him differently. I'd say a prayer for him.

5. What is it you want people to know about you as a woman and servant of God?

Nothing. I want to exhalt my Lord Jesus, and if I do that well, all else will fall into place.

6. What would you say to a woman fearful of her calling?

I would tell her what scripture says, that God did not give her the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

7. **Your fashion sense as a woman.* We all dress in accordance to God's teaching (no exposed breasts, thighs, etc.), but do you wear the loud colors, patterns, boots?

I express my freedom in dress as long as it's decent and does not block others from hearing God's message.

Now tell me her interview was not powerful! This is what I have noticed many women called to the position of minister expressing; the Spirit of God and His kingdom. Many people who believe women are trying to be men, have not really dialogued with a woman pastor. God is thier first and foremost thought and spreading His word.

Linda was direct and to the point and I bet her ministry is just as direct and to the point: God. How wonderful that she emphasizes God and not self. I had shivers as I read her responses. It's all about God and when we lose that focus there will be turmoil. I say thank you for being a worker in the fields. The harvest will always be great but hopefully, more workers will be encouraged to labor for God.


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