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True Power

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hiring An Editor can increase your odds of becoming published

But, this blog is for self published authors right. An editor can offer you personalized extensive professional guidance beyond the information you gained from workshops, fellow writers, online sources, magazines, and books, they can determine whether your work is ready for submission, to whom your work should be submitted to, help with a convincing submission package and an advocate's voice and influence to guide you in your efforts towards publication.

Editors can charge an hourly rate of $25 to well above $200 an hour depending on the editor's experience. Sometimes a flat fee will work for a project or sometimes an editor will offer a brief initial consultation at no charge. Agents appreciate the role editors play in the process of getting a book published. Agents prefer to received a polished, edited, almost ready for the printer submission. The right editor or book doctor can make all the difference in whether a manuscript gets sold.

The Creative Literary Alliance, is a group of expert independent editors and publishing consultant who work with authors, literary agents, and publishers.

So, if you have been seriously thinking about having a writing career, you may want to start stashing away a few pennies to hire an agent to give you some feed back on character development and plot line.Maybe, a once in a lifetime encounter will be all you need to get you focused and moving forward.

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