True Power

True Power

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Every Experience is an opportunity for book research, even my surgery

Tomorrow I go in for gall bladder surgery. As a writer we should have a little book where we write down the characteristics of people we meet and the way they walk, talk, and other little physical quirks they have. I will be taking notes on my emotions, the feel of the hospital environment, how the nurses and doctors interact and their medical lingo.

Every little detail I can jot down and flavor with verbs and fill with colorfull words I will be doing before I am too drugged up and my pen is pried from my hand. Some humorous tidbits may get written down. I'm looking forward to that too.

I hope to document the pain I will be experiencing also. Thinking about how someone feels pain and having it freshly written down I believe will make it more powerful if I need a character in my book to experience some type of pain.

These details will be tucked away for a future character I may need to develope in a book later. I can use real experiences to create a realistic experience for my reader later.

Having a journal just writing down what may seem like mundane things at the moment can be spun into a wonderful paragraph years down the road.

It is a great tip for a writer. Always document people, places, and experiences for setting and character resources at a later date.


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