True Power

True Power

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WHY SELF PUBLISH? Social Media allows the TRUTH to be told and your book can too.

Everybody has a story that needs to be told. Think of all of the people involved in the Arab Spring. To be sure, those participating in the country and dare I say world changing event that played out on the internet and news media each day hour by hour; did not have degrees in literature, writing, or journalism. But they each have a story to tell. What is stopping the story from being told? Many factors: terrrible writing skills, low demand for books, over saturated genre, economic stressors, etc., etc., etc., But there are going to be a few sharp individuals who take advantage of some writing skill tips, find an editor, create that fascinating title, and create a grab you by the throat opening paragraph and gain the attention of an agent or publishing house. IT COULD ONE DAY BE YOU.

After rejection letter after rejection letter self doubt creeps in. And a writer may begin to believe "I'm not good enough for the main stream." My advice is "Let's not go there." You are braver than most for putting your thoughts and ideas to paper and you may already have a group of people who think your book is/was written just for them. Take Ann Rice for instance.

In 1973, while she was still grieving the loss of her daughter, Rice took a previously written short story and turned it into her first bestselling novel, Interview with the Vampire. Many believe that Rice created the child vampire, Claudia, in the novel to help her overcome the loss of her daughter. After completing the novel and following many rejections of it, Rice developed Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). Rice was obsessed with germs, thinking that she contaminated everything she touched, engaged in frequent and obsessive hand washing and obsessively checked locks on windows and doors. Of this period, Rice says, "What you see when you're in this state is every single flaw in our hygiene and you can't control it and you go crazy."

In August 1974, after a year of therapy for her OCPD, Rice attended a writer's conference at Squaw Valley, conducted by Ray Nelson, where she met her literary agent, Phyllis Seidel. In October 1974, Seidel sold Interview with the Vampire to Alfred A. Knopf for a $12,000 advance of the hardcover rights. Most new authors were receiving $2000 advances. Interview with the Vampire was published in May, 1976. In 1977, the Rices traveled in Europe and Egypt for the first time.

There are tons of stories that a writer believed needed to be told whether true or fantasy, they dared put it to paper. When Alex Haley hit the scene, he really hit the scene.

Alex Haley's Roots is the monumental two-century drama of Kunta Kinte and the six generations who came after him. By tracing back his own roots, Haley tells the story of 39 million Americans of African descent. He has rediscovered for an entire people a rich cultural heritage that ultimately speaks to all races everywhere, for the story it tells is one of the most eloquent testimonials ever written to the indomitability of the human spirit.

So keep on writing and keep on promoting your work. The audience may not be in the millions at this moment, but conquer the world one reader and testimony at a time. The more you write the better you become. The more writing resources, classes, and networking with professionals you expose yourself to the better your odds become. You self published your book with a specific idea, story, or reader in mind. Let's get your book into their hands.

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In the meantime here is an article to keep you encouraged.
10 Self Published Novelists Who Made it Big in 2011 that have made it big!


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