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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Majestic Divas SC Interview

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I am a twisted dread wearer and lovin it. I am also an author penning a book titled "Don't Dread, Dreads" and I need a few people to share their experience with dreads.

When did you start your dreads and why?

I started my Loc Jan 10, 2008. I've always been a fan of natural hair, and I've always love dread loc's. I was told by many stylist that my hair would not loc.. When I found a stylist that took the time to train my hair and go through the journey with me I was happy. I've always been happy with my decisison to loc..

What were the intial reaction/responses of friends, family, and co-workers?

No one liked it.. When I came home my kids blurted out " mom, you look like a boy! " you are bald headed. ** I've always had shoulder length hair- very long and relaxed.. my kids werent use to seeing me with short or tightly coiled hair **

Did you notice a boost in confidence or any other personality changes?

Yes, I felt very empowered and had a re newed sense of strength.. All of my fellow dred wearers embraced me and gave me loads of helpful tips. I almost immediately changed my diet- eating my organic, and going Au' Naturale ( with hair products, body products and food). I also started making my own products and eductating myself on Natural hair.

What do you like or dislike about your hair?

My hair is super curly.. Although most of my hair is loc'ked some are very curly and my roots are wavy and curly

What are the reactions now to your hair?

very nice comments.. again, my hair is curly so my locs are curly and when I wear them in a pont tail my roots are waved and curly whick gives a " different" look.

Check her out at her blog and let her know you appreciated her sharing her story.

Miss Sixx author of Au Naturale Blog

Diva Smooches and Sisterly Hugs!!
Miss Sixx, President
Majestic Divas Social Club


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